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For historic interest / post-mortem, this site hosts legacy material and links about a volunteer-driven, partially open source cross-platform Majik 3D MMORPG project and its multiplayer roguelike and MUD predecessors.

The project was active from year 1995 to year 2002. Initially the project started as a MUD (text-based Multi User Dungeon), then became a 2D roguelike-game, and finally a 3D game.

Total of 3313 files hosted here.
Last updated: Jan 25, 2023.

Jan 2023: Fixed access. 3 text-based versions should be accessible again using MUD clients, 'telnet'. One of them is accessible through the 'play' button.

A screenshot of early Majik 3D version with one penguin looking at three penguins on a green landscape.

Random fan describing the project in 2005:

"More to your liking, there's also another D&D like MMORPG that's in development that's for free named Majik 3D. They plan to create a world whereby there's no NPCs so that shopkeepers, farmers, weaponsmiths, city guards, etc. are all human players. There's also economy that's controlled by players, as well as quests generated by human players as the role of city owner (reward for executing players known to always kill newbies, etc.). Also, quests could be in the form of eliminating giant spider infestation near the city (fauna can "breed" and reproduce as there's also an ecosystem). Simply put, it's a world on its own governed by player interactions. Really good and unique concept. Unfortunately, they lack in developers and production is almost at a stand-still when they lost their proprietary engine due to legal reasons. They're attempting to re-build the engine ground up."

A drawing of an adventurer with a torch illuminating a dark forest under a starry sky and two moons.

Even though Majik was originally a volunteer-driven, open project, at its final years the original development team opted to use proprietary technologies developed in co-operation with their employer, creating a vendor lock-in situation for the team, essentially killing the project when the company went bankrupt. However, there was attempts at resurrecting the project, again as a volunteer-driven, open project.

The game servers were not publicly open source because it made sense to keep game mechanisms and game secrets hidden from players, even though they were developed by volunteers. Later, servers were released or re-made in barebones form for all legally unemcumbered versions. The source code for clients and servers is available under GNU General Public License v2.

Overview about the project

Project timeline

Please also see detailed history written in year 2000 or so.

A screenshot of the proprietary Majik 3D MMORPG version showing a character looking over a chasm to the other side which has an another player attempting to jump down from the edge.

Old websites as archived by

A lot of content is missing from archives and dynamic content may not work, but only these archives are able to show snapshots of how the project was updated over time.

Mailing list and forum archives

Initially, we used a set of mailing lists over e-mail. From 2001 onwards, we used a Web forum custom written for the project, so that it was compatible with our user database, for example. Both of these no longer are running, but the old mailing list archive was found, and so was the old forum messages database.

The original forum as archived by is here (opened message) and here (topic view), but as always does not archive all.


Source code

Design documentation

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Resurrection attempts after Taika bankruptcy

A drawing showing a war tag moved against a fiery red background.


You can contact the original developer, namhas, who has e-mail account with the same name at You can also visit developer profile of namhas for seeing other projects.