Majik 3 textfiles for design ideas

These text files were originally hosted inside the Majik 3 text-based MUD around 1997-1998 timeframe. These were only available for the wizards (programmers and designers) to read and write. Originally these were not meant to be published, but they were published nevertheless as part of the Majik 3 open source release.

align_coord.txt (70 lines)

alignment coordinate chart v. 1.00 Good (x-axis)

armour_slots.txt (63 lines)

This is my proposal for armour slots.

base.txt (132 lines)

battle_attribute.txt (124 lines)

Battle Attribute ----------------

color_align_sys.txt (124 lines)

- 1 -

color_magic_system.txt (53 lines)

A seven-color magic system v.1.10 There are seven colors (or spheres) of magic which each have their own spelltypes and powers. Some of the spells are just one-color spells but some of them are combinations of different colors. These colors are also linked to alignment and they affect character's alignment very much, ie. if you cast "good" spells (white for example) then your alignment is going towards good and if you cast "evil" spells (black for example), then your alignment is going towards evil.

colors.txt (24 lines)

normal text rendering codes (vt100/ansi, ibm ansi does not support all): ^c0 normal ^c1 bold ^c2 italics

creating_containers.txt (73 lines)

CREATING CONTAINERS IN MAJIK 'Container' is any object, which can contain other items, for example

creating_items.txt (102 lines)


death.txt (82 lines)

Death in Majik (v. 1.00) Avoiding the death

descriptions.txt (133 lines)

Guidelines for writing descriptions for rooms, items or whatever: * All descriptions should be *unique*, don't use same descriptions

doors.txt (47 lines)

Quick documentation for doors() { Doors can be added to rooms by using add_door() command which

editor.txt (59 lines)

^c1USING MAJIK EDITOR^c0 (/obj/editor)

effects.txt (72 lines)

EFFECTS MAJIK MUDLIB DOCUMENTATION Effects are things that happen to player and last a specific time, or until

feelings.txt (67 lines)

This file explains how to add and change feelings. The feelings are located in /data/soul/feelings.

goverment.txt (333 lines)

From!!!!!!!Sprint!!nac!!!chaos Sun Aug 10 14:01:20 1997 From: (Matthew R. Sheahan) Subject: Lost Souls government system proposal

gridmap.txt (69 lines)

Gridbattle-system v. 1.00 As Dragoness has planned there will be an "action point"

guild_list.txt (39 lines)

List of guilds under construction and who is making those. Just to make sure that 2 wizzes are not coding the same guild.

guild_system.txt (31 lines)

Guild system v. 1.0 In Majik there is going to be many different guilds. Background doesn't restrict players what guilds they can join and the "level" of the player doesn't determine how many guild "ranks" he or she can have.

help_gods.txt (51 lines)

help_gods.txt v. 1.01 Gods are divided to classes by their power. There are 4 classes: greater gods, gods, lesser gods and demigods. Each god have their own portfolios and spheres.

homeland.txt (83 lines)

RReeqquuiirreemmeennttss ffoorr HHoommeellaannddss 11

immortality.txt (91 lines)


item.txt (198 lines)

language.txt (49 lines)

LANGUAGES. One thing to slightly increases level of role playing is to add

levels.txt (87 lines)

IMMORTAL LEVEL SYSTEM level description

magic_types.txt (94 lines)

Magic Types Academic Magic comes from some source by true and tried ways. Elementalists of Sura

materials.txt (39 lines)


monetary_system.txt (26 lines)


monster-lvl.txt (93 lines)

Monster levels Levels for monsters are set with mapping:

monster.txt (264 lines)

monster_c.txt (107 lines)

monster.c -proposal v. 1.0 set_name(string); //for name and aliases

monsulista.txt (64 lines)

# author is namhas@majik - Thu Oct 9 09:53:37 EEST 1997 # # lvl: (base experience level)

portfolios.txt (24 lines)

File to describe what portfolio each god is holding. To avoid messing up things. If we are to argue about these the

ports.txt (36 lines)

As we have possibility i suggest we change to port 23 that is default telnet port so most users does not need to specify port at all, just start telnet session. It is easier. port 22 would be 'telnet' port for

protection.txt (24 lines)

quick & simple: have your own protection array:

quest.txt (33 lines)

QUESTS MAJIK MUDLIB DOCUMENTATION This is the document that describes the functionality of quest system in

religions.txt (76 lines)

- 1 -

sinister_mail.txt (37 lines)

liittyvat nyt lahinna uskontoihin ja jumaliin kun niita taas tassa

skill_levels.txt (6 lines)

Sword Attack Chance Poor Joe the Merchant 1..20% Mediocre Jack the Man at Arms 21..40%

skills.txt (46 lines)

Forwarded message: >From emiettin Fri Jul 25 22:25:42 1997 Date: Fri, 25 Jul 1997 22:25:42 +0300

skillsuccess.txt (71 lines)

skills and spells, the failure and the success All skills and spells (should) have five levels of success which should

spellbook.txt (77 lines)

SPELLBOOKS The spellbooks will have color based on Sinister's color documentation,

spirit_world.txt (36 lines)

My (namhas) idea of spirit world is like this: There should be three dimensions or planes:

spirits2.txt (24 lines)

- Possible additions to Namhas' spirit world suggestion - Namhas is on the right tracks here, as long as he remembers to include these

stats.txt (124 lines)

ATTRIBUTES Once more i've described the replacement for current stat system

undead.txt (56 lines)

undeads in Majik Note: the following ideas are just my own thoughts

using-languages.txt (33 lines)

USING LANGUAGES IN MAJIK Along with selecting the language what monsters and players speak with