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Experience old live versions

A screenshot of the Majik 3 text-based MUD showing the location most Majik 3 players saw after character creation: the inn of the Hilltop village.

Some of the legacy text-based versions has been set up for live visiting. For visiting the graphical versions, you need to set up your own server and compile the client (see source code).

For the text versions either Web or telnet version might work better for you. Both telnet and Web versions lead to the same place.

For trying the telnet version, you could install a real MUD client like TinyFugue or MUDRammer (iPhone / iPad).

Majik 3 has been recently optimized for Web and should work fine. If you haven't ever visited a text-based Multi User Dungeon (MUD) now it is very easy to get that experience. Click the link, type "guest" and you'll be in. This is what MMORPG gaming looked like in the early Internet.