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This page shows some examples of get-togethers a.k.a. "conventions" we kept for the purpose of meeting the team in real life once or twice in a year, so that we could better understand each other when working remotely together for shared goals, and for the purpose of discussing various matters in real life, and for hackathons—for getting something coded in a short time.

In total we kept quite many get-togethers over the years, and sometimes individual developers or designers travelled to Finland from other countries.

As we were working for free, as it was a 100% non-profit hobby effort, we also needed to gift the developers and designers somehow whenever they did something extraordinary. The gifts were often something to eat: a chocolate candy bar, or a banana. In the 1990s it was still quite rare to speak of "codemonkeys", but we were.

Majik 4 hackathon a.k.a. "codeweek"

The Majik codeweek was held at Namhas's place right after the Assembly demoparty in August 1998. During the codeweek, Namhas, Yorkaturr and Dazzt coded Majik4, both client and server, consuming enormous amounts of pizza and cola in traditional code spirit.

Namhas encountered a problem while coding and he's looking for a solution from the "Aloittelijan Ohjelmointikirja" (Beginner's Programming Book). (This is of course a joke.)
Dazzt, Yorkaturr and Namhas are coding Majik4, obviously deep in thought.
Yet another coding picture, this time from another angle.
This picture shows how much coke and pizza we consumed during the codeweek as well as shows the terminals we were typing on.
This is another picture that shows our coke/pizza consumption. Also notice Dazzt's banana peel and the suffeli wrappers around the modem.
Yorkaturr is eating a suffeli at his terminal here. Dazzt looms in the background, working hard as usual.
This is probably the best picture of the empty pizzaboxes and coke bottles. The suffeli wrappers, scattered around the modem and the Aloittelijan Ohjelmointikirja, create a nice touch :P.
Dazzt is eating his legendary banana :).
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Majik 4 alpha version release party

The 1998 November convention, christened the Majik Pre-Christmas convention, was one of the most popular conventions so far. Before the convention the situation was more or less chaotic since it seemed that we couldn't arrange a place to have the convention in the first place, regardless of the fact that we started planning the convention 2 months before it was held. But it nevertheless turned out fine. This convention had a major purpose as the alpha-version of Majik4 was first introduced. The following people attended:

This is a group photo of some of the con people. From left to right: Harum, Thunder, Jormap, Yorkaturr, Malekith and Belemar.
Wheeeee!!! After quite a bit of alcohol consumption, Yorkaturr, Jormap and Harum decided it was a good idea to grab a sled and slide down a hill. It may not look like it but the sled was MOVING when the picture was taken.
Malekith (butt), Yorkaturr, Jormap (leg) and Harum are wrestling on Malekith's bed here.
Dazzt was dressed in a chainmail and a black cape, he was a given a sword and he was cruelly thrown in front of the camera. Beregar and Harum are mockingly laughing at him.
Yorkaturr is trying how Malekith's chainmail fits while Jormap can't help caressing it's metallic surface.
The con people are ravaging in Malekith's room. From left to right: Malekith (standing), Yorkaturr (holding a can of beer), Jormap, Belemar, Shinael and Beregar (the only one sober enough to look at the camera).
Beregar, Shinael and Havocor are sitting on the floor as all the good seats were taken but they seem to be enjoying themselves nonetheless :).
Shinael (sitting), Darshan (behind the lamp), Deicider, and Dazzt (sitting) are posing for a photo while Harum is trying hard to hide his head from the camera.
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