The Book of Creation

The Book of Creation

Chapter 1: The Flame Ignites

The Beginning. Emptiness. Chaos. A lone figure watched all this in silence. The lightnings of chaos were striking around him and the cries of pain of the young world echoed ceaselessly, but the figure just watched and the unborn world before his face yelled.

Still the figure remained immobile. Only the omniscient eyes were watching. And as they watched, from the heart of chaos stood out the cloak of light and the black heart of darkness and silently as the wind, the figure called upon them and let his powers control them. Chaos screamed in hatred when the darkness suffocated it and the light filled it with it's brilliancy and for the first time there was balance. The figure smiled and was happy.

The moment of creation came. The lone figure summoned chaos, light and darkness and from them created a vision. A vision of a world, a kingdom of balance. The figure let the vision become true and from his will darkness spread the cloak of night over the world, light created daylight and chaos ripped this woven fabric and so dusk and dawn were born. So the circle of light had been set. The figure smiled and was happy.

From the same vision the lone figure let his kingdom be true and the circle of earth was set in the center of the circle of light, but the figure saw that the earth was not good and so he molded it. The figure let deep ravines cut through the face of the earth and filled them with water which started to flow through the rivers which he slashed to the earth. He lifted the mountains from the bossom of the earth and let their peaks rise high to praise the sky which curved as a blue ether over the circle of earth. The figure let the trees rise from their mould and the grass to grow at their roots and he set the wind to blow between the leaves of the trees. But the figure was not happy. He called upon light and he called upon darkness and then two spirits arrived. The other one, in it's bright lustre stepped in before him and bowed down in respect. The other, in it's murky and wavering form slithered like a snake before the figure, but remained still and a cold glow shone around it. The lone figure spoke and his voice was that of a very wise man: - "Be greeted, my children. You, who arrived from the Gates of Eternity from my command. Look around you, and you will see all that is promised, but which will never become true without you. The laws of nature are not permament here and this level of the world shall be doomed. The emptiness will eat away life and cover all that exists and does not exist in it's cloak. This unbalanced state will dominate in the endless night and the flame of future will die out - everything will cease to exist... But from the edges of the world, the Gates of Eternity I summoned you, my children. I will call upon light and darkness to fill the cups of balance. Too long has chaos ruled the existence and imprisoned time in it's shackles, but through you the world shall gain freedom and it's final shape. The vision is about to be true and nothing may prevent that."

The lone figure stilled and turned to the shining white spirit. - "The spirit of light, Aluna, which means brilliant, a sacred blessing is upon you and the keys of hope are in your hands. You must establish a corporeal form so that you can cast an anchor in the heart of the night." And after saying this, the lone figure lifted up his hand and let his powers touch the spirit and suddenly a bright light flashed in the emptiness and a woman was standing where the spirit had stood. The woman looked on the lone figure in tranquility and the all-seeing eyes answered the look. - "Power you shall have and the gift of wisdom. May your spirit be passionate and your mind be clear. Use your gifts well, Aluna, the spirit of light, my daughter, for the future of the world is now in your hands." Aluna bowed deeply and her figure disappeared with a flash and again there was darkness.

The all-seeing eyes turned to the other figure, who was shapeless. The shadows swayed around it and the air was like black mist, but the all-seeing eyes looked through this figure, straight in it's soul. - "Black is your soul, my son Sinister, which means evil. It is black, like the night, but I can see the strength emanating from there, which flows in you, my son. That power is very strong and I can see how it will affect. For all life, which already throbs in the young world shall sometimes be renewed and reborn. Death - the keys of death are in your hands and I can see the power in you so that you can use them. Evil and fear. May those be your weapons and your shelter, for they alone make you strong and only with them the world shall gain balance. You too shall have a corporeal figure, so that you can rule your mighty powers." And after saing this the lone figure lifted his other hand and let his powers touch the spirit and suddenly a black and inpenetrable darkness landed in the emptiness for a while and at the spirits place there was a horrifying creature, a snake-like demon which stared with it's icy eyes at the lone figure and the omniscient eyes answered the sight.- "May your might be great and your wisdom grow to be as great. May your spirit be passionate and your mind be clear. Use your gifts well, Sinister, the spirit of darkness, my son, for the fate of the world is now in your hands." Sinister answered with a hiss and his figure disappeared in the shadows and again there was darkness. The lone figure smiled and was happy.