Majik 3 'open' textfiles for design ideas

These textfiles were originally hosted inside the Majik 3 text-based MUD around 1997-1998 timeframe, published without restriction by the wizards (programmers and designers). Originally these were not meant to be published to a wider-audience, but they were still generally available all the time from Majik FTP server.

namhas/adjectives.txt (92 lines)

From - Sun Oct 18 10:51:02 1998 Received: from ( []) by (8.8.5/8.8.5) with ESMTP id AAA18309

namhas/api-proposal.txt (75 lines)

Client API Majik4's client should have API (Application Programming Interface) for

namhas/battle.txt (156 lines)

This document describes the aspects of the new battle system, which is actually 4th battle system. Hopefully this is the best and satisfies both realism and playability. First, I'll describe all other possible

namhas/battle_speed.txt (14 lines)

To make battle sync with everything we need a speed system which is not limited to one round. Every round is divided to 10 segments, and in each segment a amount of player's speed rating (usually 100) is added to

namhas/dgd_vs_mudos.txt (27 lines)

DGD DGD is built on the belief that small is good. This is absent of much of the extra baggage which exists in all other drivers

namhas/exp.txt (88 lines)

Majik Experience System

namhas/genericracedesign.txt (49 lines)

Automatical growing. We should have very detailed race specifications, including the following:

namhas/jormap.cap.txt (50 lines)

Jormap looks at you. You say, 'sahan ootki Yllantra!' You say, 'matsia!'

namhas/mages.txt (111 lines)


namhas/materials.txt (44 lines)

name cp/l kg/l phys fire cold elec acid disi magi pois w a platinum 1457 21.0 70 80 20 0 80 60 70 70 0 0 gold 937 19.0 60 50 20 0 100 55 70 70 1 1

namhas/offline_player.txt (29 lines)

OFFLINE PLAYERS $Id: offline_player.txt,v 1.1 1998/04/22 09:08:11 namhas Exp $

namhas/player_city.txt (39 lines)

PLAYER CITIES ETC. $Id: player_city.txt,v 1.1 1998/04/22 08:53:27 namhas Exp $

namhas/time.txt (46 lines)


dazzt/gridmap.txt (93 lines)


dazzt/debrief.txt (35 lines)


dazzt/battle.txt (132 lines)

dazzt/client.txt (87 lines)

Majik Client Protocol (MCP) Documentation

dazzt/koodilaulu.txt (72 lines)

(Lauletaan leijonanmetsästyksen sävelellä, kaikki leikkii mukana!)

dazzt/wizlock.txt (15 lines)

== MAJIK IS CURRENTLY WIZARD LOCKED, NO MORTALS ARE ALLOWED TO ENTER == We are performing a conversion to create a totally new and unique system

dazzt/codingstyle.txt (210 lines)


dazzt/objects.txt (38 lines)


dazzt/screenshot.txt (32 lines)


dazzt/lights.txt (45 lines)


dragoness/combat_system.txt (141 lines)

Comments are welcome. You can leave them to this document like this: [drg]: This thing sucks.

aluna/light.txt (44 lines)

Light 3 Outdoors, sun up, no clouds 2 Outdoors, sun up, clouds

aluna/battle_attribute.txt (126 lines)

Battle Attribute ----------------

aluna/combat_system.txt (141 lines)

Comments are welcome. You can leave them to this document like this: [drg]: This thing sucks.

aluna/magicsystem2.txt (281 lines)

Magic Skill Tree (short) Skill Root

aluna/resource.txt (72 lines)

Money and Resources -------------------

aluna/magicrules.txt (49 lines)

Spell Restrictions Power 1 PowerPoint / 2 mana

aluna/magicsystem.txt (179 lines)

Magic Skill Tree (short) Skill Root

darshan/gridmap_descriptions.txt (42 lines)

I don't know the status on the coding project so I have no idea how or if this idea is possible, rational or useful.

darshan/inventory_sys.txt (48 lines)

A vision of the inventory system *Darshan 200898 There should be no pack-style inventory like in eg.

darshan/m4.txt (18 lines)

The MAJIK project has strived for several years to create the first truly working multi-user role-playing environment in the Internet. In its development it has undergone several phases and incarnations, gradually detaching itself

dranil/guild.txt (146 lines)

Inheritable Guild Object *** Originally coded by Namhas and Madrid

elnid/bastion_of_hunai.txt (136 lines)

The Bastion of Hunai Coder: Elnid,

harum/client.txt (19 lines)

#### ...............# Town square | Hp 100/100 .....................# You are standing in a blah blah blah | Sp 90/120 ..........h..........# blah blah blah blah blah blah... | Ep 80/85

harum/druid_ideas.txt (381 lines)

Beregar gave some ideas concerning druid spells/skills

harum/emote.txt (82 lines)

NEW MESSAGING SYSTEM PROPOSAL $Id: emote.txt,v 1.1 1998/04/03 09:55:44 namhas Exp $

harum/terrainei.txt (143 lines)

Blaa tasson sulle terraineja, jos jotain vikaa naissa niin kerroppa et mita vikaa niin teen korjaukset. Lopussa on sit selitetty jotain naista + jotain ideoita mita kirjotin ylos etten unoha et lues!

harum/theory-practice.txt (51 lines)

Eras exp-systeemi idea... En tieda minkalaista systeemia Namhas on tarkalleen miettinyt mutta

harum/description.txt (40 lines)

DESCRIPTION STYLE GUIDE $Id: description.txt,v 1.1 1998/04/08 11:06:06 namhas Exp $

harum/majik4.txt (58 lines)

MAJIK IV $Id: majik4.txt,v 1.1 1998/04/08 11:06:07 namhas Exp $

harum/offline_player.txt (29 lines)

OFFLINE PLAYERS $Id: offline_player.txt,v 1.1 1998/04/22 09:08:11 namhas Exp $

harum/player_city.txt (39 lines)

PLAYER CITIES ETC. $Id: player_city.txt,v 1.1 1998/04/22 08:53:27 namhas Exp $

harum/structure.txt (106 lines)

FILE STRUCTURE AND SECURITY $Id: structure.txt,v 1.1 1998/04/08 11:06:08 namhas Exp $

harum/style_guide.txt (82 lines)

STYLE GUIDE $Id: style_guide.txt,v 1.1 1998/04/08 11:06:08 namhas Exp $

harum/todo.txt (21 lines)

TO DO $Id: todo.txt,v 1.3 1998/04/21 07:58:10 namhas Exp $

harum/tonot.txt (19 lines)

TO NOT $Id: tonot.txt,v 1.2 1998/04/15 10:58:28 namhas Exp $

harum/world_todo.txt (41 lines)

TO DO LIST FOR WORLD DESIGN $Id: world_todo.txt,v 1.1 1998/04/21 07:53:29 namhas Exp $

ondoval/advment.txt (286 lines)

prosessi jolla skillit nousee

ondoval/raceintros.txt (749 lines)

Majik races. Ver 0.03 - Ondoval

ondoval/raceinfos.txt (326 lines)

Racial stats REMADE, ver 3.00 - ondoval. ------------------------------------------------------------------------

ondoval/statdescs.txt (139 lines)

Stattien kuvaukset - mita mikakin statti tarkoittaa

ondoval/the_psionicist_guild.txt (160 lines)

Decided to go public with my ideas about psi guild.. here goes : NOTE! i don't have the time nor the intrest =) to make this document

ondoval/aboutstats.txt (45 lines)

Joo pienta selvitysta tassa olisi eri stateista ja niiden merkityksesta ja miksi sturdiness statti kannattaisi sittenkin pitaa pelissa mukana.

ondoval/planes.txt (188 lines)

Ulottuvuudet ja reegiot.

ramjett/merchant.txt (57 lines)

Merchant's Guild Merchants will be able to buy ownership of differnt kinds of shops as he/she gains levels in the guild. They will need certain skills for each type of shop.

shinael/rdesc.txt (218 lines)

Following factors could be described when looking at a player: (These would be determined by various stats)

sinister/races1.txt (154 lines)

goblin Goblins are small green humanoids and belong to a subrace of

sinister/races2.txt (102 lines)

blood troll Blood trolls are bigger, meaner and tougher than common trolls.

sinister/summon_emote.txt (13 lines)

fail, no target, caster: You try to concentrate on the spell but a sudden surge of force interrupts your casting. fail, caster: You try to focus on the image of but something breaks your concentration.

yorkaturr/about_guilds.txt (65 lines)

/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/ /-/ Guild-related issues /-/ /-/ version 0.5 /-/

yorkaturr/boc.txt (81 lines)

I The flame ignites The Beginning. Emptiness. Chaos. A lone figure watched all this in silence.

yorkaturr/guild.txt (18 lines)

This file is here just to clarify a few things about the new and improved (?) guild inheritable object.

yorkaturr/kayttis.txt (133 lines)

Majik-clientin kayttoliittymahorinaa tms ----------------------------------------

yorkaturr/witch.txt (23 lines)

Ingredient Stats Power Level: [1..10] Ingredient Identifier: [1..10]