Hook's weekly update 0.2

Subject: Hook's weekly update 0.2
From: joshua 'hook' corning (hook@u.washington.edu)
Date: Wed Nov 24 1999 - 03:24:42 EET

Hook's Majik3d Weekly Update Nov. 17 - Nov. 23


1. Flat World Standard
2. Sky in CVS
3. Hook Starts a Flame War
4. regions.txt Updated
5. Yorkaturr's Avatar Proposal
6. Welcome Origon and Janne to the Team
7. Yorkaturr's Stat Proposal
8. Proposal for server code implementation
9. Proposal for server directory tree structure
10. Starting Location proposals
11. McDuff is back

1. Flat world standard	

By popular demand the world of Majik is going to be flat. Hook appears
to be the only one who wants it to be a sphere and if he doesn't like it
he can go to hell. If others have dissenting views like his I suggest
you post them soon because the flat world proposal is quickly becoming
the standard if it isn't already. Suggestions about the flat world can
be found at the link below.


2. Sky in CVS

According to Drazzt the sky rendering model has been implemented and
committed to the CVS. For more info on this check out his e-mails on the
subject below. Screenshots are available but a client with the sky
rendering model implemented is not yet available for general

Original announcements

screen shots

3. Hook starts a flame war

The title of this entry might not specify the importance of it but is
none the less a discussion on the nature and philosophy of game design
for Majik. The original e-mail that sparked the debate can be found
below. I apologize in advance for any bias that I, as Hook, might have
in discussing this.


Arguments against the points brought up with this proposal can be found
below. (I feel Yorkaturr and Mandor's arguments against it have been the
most thought out and complete but there are others and if you are
interested follow the thread on the design e-mail thread.)


Arguments for the proposal can be found here (These arguments are not
exactly supporting the original "radical departure" e-mail but do
recognize and agree with points brought up by it)


Well the whole thing seems to be decided upon with a cataclysm which
destroys all of civilization (or most of it) Any way the e-mail on it
can be found here:


4. regions.txt updated

The regions.txt has been updated by Beregar. The regions.txt lists all
the regions of the Majik world and states who has claimed what region to
describe. We are not sure if all the spelling is correct or if all the
regions are truly listed. If you see a mistake or would like to claim a
region please feel free to post it on the design e-mail thread. Beregar
or Hook will make the appropriate changes.

The regions.txt can be found here:
under regions-0.2.txt or higher version #

Beregar and Hook can be reached at their respective e-mail addresses

5. Yorkaturr's avatar proposal

Yorkaturr came up with an interesting idea about gods and how they can
be summoned to the mortal plain. There are some comments and questions
about his proposal that clarify his ideas but as a whole his ideas has
been well received. Take a look at his original proposal here and follow
the design-mail threads for more info.

6. Welcome Origon and Gilead to the team

We have some new people added to our team. First there is Origon who
actually joined last week but I missed it and didn't post this on the
last weekly update. His skills appear to be in the area of 3d graphics.
His real world name is Ulf Sjöström and his e-mail is origon@home.se and
introduced himself here:

Also welcome Janne 'Gilead' Räsänen. His e-mail is
janne.rasanen@iobox.com. His skills appear to be in coding and basic
design. He introduced himself here but its in Finnish so go to the next
e-mail for Yorkaturr's English translation if you don't know Finnish. 

7. Yorkaturr's Stat Proposal

Yorkaturr sure has been busy. This time he has come up with a proposal
for handling statistics of character, monster, and NPC attributes. The
proposal is in two parts (2 e-mails) and has not gotten much of
response. I suggest you guys at least say if you like it or not. The
posts of the proposal are listed below.


8. Proposal for server code implementation

Harum has come up with a proposal for what language should be used to
code the server. He states "first we code most functionality with Python
and when things start to work properly we start porting portions of the
code to C++." I only have a small idea what this means but those of you
with the SKILLS might find what he has to say interesting. The post can
be found here:


Harum can be e-mailed here:

9. Proposal for directory tree structure

Drazzt has come up with a proposal for the majik3d server's directory
layout. I have a little idea of what he is talking about. He does want
responses on this so give him your opinion on the subject. The original
e-mail of his proposal can be found here:

some weird drawing of a schematic of the server that a few of the
developers drew

You can e-mail Dazzt here:

10. Starting location proposals

Two starting locations have been decided upon. It is recommended that we
focus our attentions upon designing complete descs of these areas so
that we have a good idea of what the world will look like at the start
of the game. there is also a third region as of this update has not been
decided upon. The e-mails declaring these areas as the starts can bee
found here:

Lamarhen - neutral

Voran (Nalor Thaan) - evil

11. McDuff is back

The e-mail archive has not updated yet so ill post his e-mail in full

"Hold on - let me just put these two wires together with spit..


Hello, hello, one, two. <tap tap>

Well, I'm back everybody.

My internet connection has been back up for a few weeks now, but I had
sort out other stuff, and also try and read through my massive backlog
design Emails.  Hopefully, I won't vanish like that again, because I've
switched Internet Service Providers etc etc.

So, how's everything in Majik Land then?

I read that someone was needed for 2d textures - if whoever was in
charge of
that would like to mail me I'll see what I can do for that, if you like.

I'ev also got a wfull.txt on my 'puter that I typo-checked for Beregar. 
that been done in my absence, or would you like me to post it to the

You'll have to excuse me for a few weeks while I get my bearings back to
working with you people.  Take pity on the poor Englishman, please!


Thats it for this week.


Joshua Corning

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