return of the BigMac©

Subject: return of the BigMac©
From: McDuff (
Date: Tue Nov 23 1999 - 15:30:50 EET

Hold on - let me just put these two wires together with spit..


Hello, hello, one, two. <tap tap>

Well, I'm back everybody.

My internet connection has been back up for a few weeks now, but I had to
sort out other stuff, and also try and read through my massive backlog of
design Emails.  Hopefully, I won't vanish like that again, because I've
switched Internet Service Providers etc etc.

So, how's everything in Majik Land then?

I read that someone was needed for 2d textures - if whoever was in charge of
that would like to mail me I'll see what I can do for that, if you like.

I'ev also got a wfull.txt on my 'puter that I typo-checked for Beregar.  Has
that been done in my absence, or would you like me to post it to the list?

You'll have to excuse me for a few weeks while I get my bearings back to
working with you people.  Take pity on the poor Englishman, please!


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