CVS commit(s) by dazzt

Subject: CVS commit(s) by dazzt
From: Jari Saukkonen (
Date: Wed Nov 17 1999 - 23:00:01 EET

Update of /majik/cvsroot/majik3d/client/src
In directory majik:/tmp/cvs-serv20624

Modified Files:
	mcSky.cpp main.cpp 
Log Message:
The sky model looks quite good now; the "actual" parameters have been
slightly changed from the original model. It could still be a bit
brighter, tho. 240 triangles are used by default. 

WARNING: may have severe memory leak. I'm not sure if plib automatically 
deallocates used entities when new ones are assigned.

Update of /majik/cvsroot/majik3d/server/lib
In directory majik:/tmp/cvs-serv20636

Modified Files: 
Log Message:
Fixed a weird feature in interactive and cleaned up master object a bit.

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