Subject: origins
From: joshua 'hook' corning (
Date: Thu Dec 02 1999 - 16:42:54 EET

Pekka Toppi wrote:

> These ideas are, as Mandor said in many posts, decided in the convention.
> If you read the beginning of the first mail, you will notice our names
> there, so how can you even try to accuse Mandor of dominating the
> process? There is no need to vote since these ideas have been
> already discussed AND decided. Could we just move on, please.

Hmm. I think you should look a little at the history of what is going on
here pekka. you seem a little confused. I'll explain it. You see awhile
ago there was no desc describing the gods in any depth there was only
this desc of the creation myth found here:

At the time the game needed more indepth description of the gods and
their origins so I came up with this desc here:

You will notice in this desc are the origins of the war of the gods, The
war between the new gods and the old, the creation of the mortal races
and the creation of the ancients (ie sages and new gods) It is very
different then I'm sure mandor told you at the convention. You see at a
time it was only namhas beregar Yorka and myself working on the project
at the time. Brethel had quit, sinister had quit, and mandor was MIA. I
came up with this desc becouse there was nothing really before it. Well
mandor then took this from me and has headed it ever sence excluding any
input I had to make and saying that this stuff was disscused before but
lacks any desc for it. In fact I'm sure he thinks he even invented the
war of the gods. If you notice that he only mentions my name as an after
thought about some majik3 mud conversation.

Anyway the point of this email is this that many of the precepts Mandor
used for the power structure of the gods never were fully debated or
decided on. That is why we have this whole debate about the cataclysm.

Anyway since this time i have been excluded from any debate or input
about the gods their origins their history and the history of the world
by Mandor mostly and partialy Yorkaturr. I don't know why. I have asked
why but have got no response.

Examples of this complete hatred for what ever hook writes by Mandor and
Yorka can be found with the origins of the cataclysm here:

You will notice that most of the treads against it are from yorka and

Then we came up with the cataclysm. (well actually i think namhas and
harum had been brewing about it for awhile.)

Well i did come up with a fairly clean elegent system in order to meet
the goals and solve the problems that the cataclysm had. It was
completely ignored. And i wrote this before the convention. I'm positive
mandor did not mentioned it there but instead evangilized his version
that rely on undecided presepts. The post can be found here:

Yorkas responce can be found here. mind you this was before the

This was also written only a day after the "cataclysm desided" text yet
for some reason absolutly unlooked at.

joshua 'hook' corning

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