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From: Jonathan Koehn (Eleril) (
Date: Wed Dec 01 1999 - 18:53:35 EET

if you look in open/eleril/ some place in theres some pics of models i think
well mostly be using texture mapped face. Might add a nose though
Check out
Majik 3D project
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Subject: Textures

> >Sorry i thought i said what they where they are textures for pc like
> >hands, arms, skin, etc.
> >Clothes, Armor.
> These are for the elves, yeah?  Or is it some other race, or all of them.
> It might help me if I had a quick model to work to.  I'll start looking
> through the elf descs for skin and things.  Are we having face "graphics"
> for the characters, or texture mapped features?  In fact, while I'm
> thinking, how are we mapping the characters?  Are we talking a "skin"
> gets wrapped around them, and then clothes and things are fitted onto the
> character's model with their own textures, etc etc?  Or is it something
> different, with changing skins.
> We could use photographs for the faces.  We'd have to either use a lot, or
> create a "photofit" system that randomised features though.
> This is the thing  -  I can just go ahead and design skin textures and
> stuff, but I need some idea of how they'll be used on the models so I can
> least pretend that they're right.
> In terms of the Sages and stuff, is the thingy on Eleril's website
> "the way it's decided" in terms of all the sages.  I got some stuff put
> together before I went awol which I'm going to have to completely re-write
> if it is.  And that would be a bastard!
> Cheers me old marrows
> McDuff

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