Subject: Sages
From: McDuff (
Date: Wed Dec 01 1999 - 17:58:51 EET

I found a post by Mandor on 26/11/99 which desced the sages in a different
way, and which means I won't have to change so much.

Right, I'm just going to ask a load of questions here to make sure that I
desc McDuff in the right way:

>"They belong to a 'race' or a group of
>creatures called "the ancients""

Are the ancients the combinations of spirits, like Hook said, or are they
the ancient servants of the Gods, like someone else said, or are they the
ancestors of modern races?  This would help.

>Some of the sages are younger than others, while a group of them has been
>created by elder/new gods, some of them have been created by lesser and
>younger gods. the age between sages can vary in thousands of years.

Does this mean that Eleril is wrong, or does it mean that he's just
described one part of the sage history, or has this been changed now?

>When the game begings the primary role of sages is to teach and lead.
>Sages will become powerful leaders and respected tutors.

Are the sages still hidden characters, who have to be sought out, or are we
going to mingle?  I don't want to be the constant focus of whines by various
people who want "magic spellz plz."  If we are going to be easily
accessible, I'd prefer to have some sort of power.

Also, Eleril is down as the "sage of planes."  Does this mean that all sages
have to have some sort of alignment, or are we all going to have some sort
of unique role to play?

Are we only there to guide, or are we there for a higher purpose?


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