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Subject: Re: huge problem
From: joshua 'hook' corning (
Date: Tue Nov 30 1999 - 13:29:03 EET

Atte Koivula wrote:

> I have already said that our descs describe "what was" instead of what
> is.
> Should be quite clear already. As I said in a mail before:
> (quote)
> The current descs describe "What was" before the Cataclysm, and they
> will be utilized in the sense that we take a desc, shake the details a
> bit to integrate the effects of the Cataclysm, and slap it in the world.
> (end of quote)
> The above means that we do not need to do new descs for the areas. We
> just utilize the descs we already have as a corrupted version due to the
> Cataclysm. For example, "the Gwalmur have a great King's Hall in a huge
> cave in the depths of Bral'Gaur" -> "The Gwalmur have a destroyed King's
> Hall with broken pillars and torn wall ornaments in the depths of
> Bral'Gaur"
> Get it? :)

I see your point but you are failing to see mine. If the dwarves like
all the other races give up their cultures and religions it would no
longer be the great King's hall but instead would be the God-wizard
Popo's hall that is destroyed. This is assuming that other races do not
now inhabit the cave with the dwarves. Becouse hell they all worship the
same Demi-god now why not share. Of couse why would the Dwarves give up
on their god for foul wizard in the first place. Or whywould the Tore'e
or the brahjians etc.

> The point of the Cataclysm is to explain why we have only a handfull of
> mortals in the world in the beginning of the game.

Ill find the quotes that you and mandor used to defend against starting
the game at room crash if you like. Why have you so suddenly changed you
mind about this. It would be nice if you stayed consistant. I will give
you credit for being consistant in keeping me out of this discusion. You
have been very consistant in that. Why?

Joshua 'hook' Corning

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