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Subject: Re: huge problem
From: joshua 'hook' corning (
Date: Tue Nov 30 1999 - 13:15:21 EET

Pekka Toppi wrote:

> So. When are our (your) descs dated? I mean. They could be dated right
> before the cataclysm, before the events that lead to cataclysm started.
> And why should we worry about any of that stuff. There is no problem,
> you're just making one up. If we decide that orc's didn't invade
> anthainon. Maybe they didn't have the time or maybe antahainon just stood
> against their attacks, we don't even have to have a reason if we just
> decide, for it has no meaning in the start of the game. We need no new
> descs, except the one after the cataclysm. We can just decide that besides
> the effects of cataclysm, the world stayed the same.

Funny that you use our world as an example below yet totaly ignore it
here. Saying that suddenly majik stops being a dynamic world for a 1000
years is absured. Surely you don't actualy mean what you stated above.

>  Nobody wants to get rid of history. There is no need to destory history
> just because people abandoned their old believes. If you look at our
> world, people have revolted and abandoned many believes, religions, social
> systems etc. and still we have a history dating through all these periods.
> Just because the world changed dramatically, doesn't mean that everything
> before that is lost.

We live in a world with printing presses, libraries, book stores,
telephones, computer data bases, and people with huge amounts of time on
their hands to conduct studies of the past. What we know of history is
not  a direct line of knowledge. History as we know it had to be
rediscovered and is still being peiced together. In the times without
the technology and extra time it gives us, culture and religion were
history. You have to remember most people in these times do not read and
most history and culture is passed down from word of mouth or from the
churches. It is absured to think that these people will suddenly start
going back to old ways that are some 1000 years old. The examples Mandor
and Yorka used to explain how this could happen in which culture and
religion where abandoned were Nazi germany and christianity. Nazis
existed in the modern world with telephones and printing presses and it
occured in only one culture for only a short time. This is a terrible
example. Majik has no resembalance in time place or circumstances with
nazi germany. Christianity is a better example but name me one culture
that has reverted back to their old religions and cultures after
christianity took over. None. It should also be noted that it took
nearly 1000 years for christianty to take full hold of europe. It should
be noted as well chistianity has never taken full hold in india, japan,
china, and the middle east. 

>  No. We have a good reason for them to be upset and we have a good reason
> for the cataclysm and we have a good story. Why in the hell should we
> start all over again just because you find problems in everything but your
> own ideas. GRR =)

Actually my ideas for the cataclysm have not even been examined by
anyone save Mcduff. It is actually funny that you mention this becouse
every attempt i make to be part of this disscusion has been cut off from
the start. I have never said that it is a bad story at its base. For
some other world with other constraints it would work fine. I am just
pointing out problems that conflict with the intention of the cataclysm
which was to preserve history like yorka and mandor wanted when we
decided upon this compromise. There are also the ideas of Sinister which
Yorka was starting to warm to that does not require a long period of
time or for all the cultures and religions to be abandoned which are not
my ideas but i like.
Joshua 'hook' corning

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