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Subject: Re: Eleril's 3d golem
From: Jonathan Koehn (Eleril) (
Date: Fri Nov 26 1999 - 17:20:21 EET

thanks for looking at them :)
I used mcduffs rock textures on them.
Mcduff could you add the iron effect to rock5 and make a new texture thanks.

Check out
Majik 3D project
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Subject: Eleril's 3d golem

> Eleril, I saw the .gifs of your 3d models of the golem. I like it its
> some of your best work. I don't know if they are the Cement Golems from
> my desc and if they are there is some comments i should make.
> They should be symetrical. The head and body look like they are rocks in
> that they are not the same shape as they are on each left or right side.
> When i call them Cement golems they litteraly are made of cement. As
> such they would be molded exactly to the specifications of who ever made
> them. Presumably they would make them symetrical not shaped like
> boulders especialy considering the time and resourses needed for their
> construction. There is room to move here though many of the golems are
> very old and presumably would have damaged parts that have been chipped
> away. The Golems of Brajan Urt have not been repaired in 1000 years and
> they should have some damage to them. The Golems of Nalor Thaan would be
> less so though becouse they are often repaired. It would be cool to put
> red-orange iron stains on them from rusted metel supports on the insides
> that might leak out. This might take up to much memory in your bitmap
> though and is just a suggestion. Also they do have mouths. I might be
> missing it though in the picture. As well as glowing white orbs set into
> their eye sockets.
> Cool work eleril.
> Joshua 'hook' Corning

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