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Subject: RE: radical departure
From: Otso Makinen (
Date: Tue Nov 16 1999 - 14:32:40 EET

> Pekka Toppi wrote:
> >
> > Okay, so there is a problem, but IMO the solution is not
> starting with an
> > empty world.
> >
> > Pekka Toppi / Mirithil
> Hmpf. I have not read all the conversation since I am too
> busy for that,
> so I am not quite sure I am talking about the same thing as
> you are, but
> I would like to toss my ideas into the conversation as well.
> It should be obvious that we NEED a history for the world.
> That does not
> mean that we need to have a fully-described history and background for
> all the things in the world. If we would "open" the game for
> players as
> if it was the day 1 since the froom crashed it would take
> TIME and we still would not have decent history for the world.
> And if the players would be the first humans on earth, they would
> probably live in stone-age (or whatever it is in Majik) and have no
> tools or anything, and especially not magic and such things
> for it would
> be totally ridiculous that gods would have given humans (and other
> races) the knowledge of tools, fire, magic and so on since
> the first day
> they lived on Majik.
> Majik is basically no execption to all role-playing games
> when it comes
> to history and science: there is already some sort of history, myths,
> legends, places, beings etc. when the player characters start
> their life
> in the world of Majik. The same goes for science. It is assumed that
> there is some kind of science in Majik which may or may not
> explain some
> of the things and phenomenon happening/existing in Majik. Those which
> are not explained in anyway (were the explanation a divine
> power, magic
> or a force of nature) do not necessarily NEED an explanation.
> PC's (and
> why not npc's, too?) may create their own explanations for
> these things
> that happen and exist in Majik but they do not have to. We
> will not and
> can NOT include and create all the needed information about the world
> for pc's and players for it is impossible, even if we had all
> the people
> in the world doing Majik.
> Conclusion: we should have a some kind of history for the world.
> Creating Majik without a history will be a lot harder task
> with all the
> problems we would encounter when trying to explain all the things with
> all kind of (illogical) explanations.
> I hope my writing made some sense to you. If not, forget it
> and move on
> or ask if you have any questions or feedback.

If we start relatively shortly after the wars between ancients, we will have
history and sages to give knowledege to players.

Otso Mäkinen / Majik 3D Project

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