radical departure

Subject: radical departure
From: joshua 'hook' corning (hook@u.washington.edu)
Date: Mon Nov 15 1999 - 16:34:53 EET

No im not leaving becouse i disagree with yorka about the shape of

But it got me to thinking about how ppl adapt and create sociaties and
cultures around differnt enviornments. You see york wants to make the
world flat and i don't. My main argument about that is that it could
radicaly change how sociaties and cultures develope. It could effect
tides, compases weather, why is it cold in the north and on and on and

Anyway it got me thinking how would sociaty develope differntly on a
flat world. Well to be honest i don't think anyone alive including yorka
has the imagination to imagine such a world. But everyone alive put
together could do it. If we let ppl develope the cultures and sociaties
by themselves then a sort of self orginizing system should emerge. A
system that will bear unexpected and surrprising results. Even if we
kept the world round and identical to our earth we stil coulden't factor
in all the geopolitical factors needed in truly designing a city. It
would be a false construct. If we are giving the power to the players to
make and destroy cities then what we make will probably be destroyed any
way. The only way to keep it the way we intended it would be to
constantly fiddling with the players affairs something that goes against
our whole game design pholosophy.

What we should do is let social darwinism do the work for us. Let the
players choose where to build while playing the game. let the players
set up churches and desipher the role of the gods. screw the who namhas
is the god of balance and mandor is the god of evil and azlok is a demon
created by the old gods to fight the new gods. Let the game determine
history and the roles that the individuual gods play. If mandor wants to
be the evil god then he should have to tell the players that he is and
see who worships him. Lets have the game start at the begining: day one
rooms crash game starts. if gods want a church or want his followers to
have swords then he/she will have to teach them. also don't dictate what
or how the races and species act let the players decide. If a large
group wants orcs to be magic using city dwellers then let them be. if
dwarves want to live in tree forts then let them.

The only thing that should be already in the game is perhaps some ruins
with books or swords or what ever in them and the world is only
populated with npc monsters

Anyway this idea is true to the faq and i hope you consider it. I
realize that alot of work has been done on the design side that will
have to tossed but this includes alot of work that i have done i am
willing to make that sacrifice.

Joshua 'hook' corning

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