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Subject: Re: Between darkness and light...
From: Kim Kunnas (
Date: Sat Jul 03 1999 - 11:43:43 EEST

> In planets which have proper atmosphere, temperature-changes would
> not be such drastic ones as proposed here. if we would not want
> "nuclear"winter every 6majik months... (in which case I would be hard
> pressed
> to explain _how_ on earth majik ended up with living organisms that
> actually
> developed to a higher stage, intelligence and such, given those harsh
> changes
> every six months..) .. we could say that majik's atmosphere consists of
> gases
> that preserve heat, for example, more carbon dioxide or methane than in
> our atmosphere, or better yet, some previously unknown, fantasy-gas! ;)
> so in this case, there would be summer, autumn, winter, spring - cycle, but
> the changes would not be so radical, even though sun wouldn't shine at all
> in autumn, it would take some time before the heat would dissipate from the
> atmosphere, ending up with winter, and in the end of winter, sun would
> start
> shining again, taking some time to heat up the atmosphere, and that
> would be the time for spring.

You get too technical, Majik is a FANTASY world. We DON'T need
normal evolving system, besides what's the point having long dark time
if there isn't also cold winters. If temperature just stays normal mortals
would have no need to play differently in winter. I'm not saying that
everything should freeze solid but I'm saying that at least almost every
place should have snow (those lava lakes and enchanted areas are ex
ception). We could have a little different world and mortals really should
do something to keep themselves warm or then die to cold! This would
also make other than combat magic actually useful or even essential and
encourage people to study other magics than just those normal combat
or healing magics. I recall that there won't be much combat in majik so
we need some other heavy reasons for players to study magic.

- Beregar (

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