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Subject: Re: Between darkness and light...
From: Lari Kuitunen (
Date: Sat Jul 03 1999 - 13:47:48 EEST

> You get too technical, Majik is a FANTASY world. We DON'T need
> normal evolving system, besides what's the point having long dark time
> if there isn't also cold winters. If temperature just stays normal
> would have no need to play differently in winter. I'm not saying that
> everything should freeze solid but I'm saying that at least almost every
> place should have snow (those lava lakes and enchanted areas are ex
> ception). We could have a little different world and mortals really
> do something to keep themselves warm or then die to cold! This would
> also make other than combat magic actually useful or even essential and
> encourage people to study other magics than just those normal combat
> or healing magics. I recall that there won't be much combat in majik so
> we need some other heavy reasons for players to study magic.

true indeed, we do not need normally evolving systems, but it is not 
forbidden to use common sense is it? 
in addition, i never mentioned that there should not be cold winters, i
stated that they would not, if common sense has anything to say here, be
very cold in all regions. how could a rainforest, for example, live through
6months of cold winter and snow? 
If everywhere would be cold and snowing, majik would consists only of
temperate climate, and vegetation would be far from tropical
 (except those lava lakes, which in  my opinion should be rarities, 
not very common. it would to me seem bit
stupid if lava lakes were so common that they'd keep southern majik 
warm for whole winter, and enable those rain forests to survive) 

mixing magic into this conversation is bit far fetched, ofcourse people
research magic in order to survive changes in climate and seasons, but
isn't it
bit patronising to base the climate system to purpose that mortals would
learn other magic than only combat magic?

in conclusion, ofcourse there should be noticeable differences in
appearance and
gameplay when it comes to seasons and climates, but to me, it still seems
radical to limit day to 6 month periods and night to 6 month periods.
sentient beings would probably be far from what they are nowadays in majik,
probably they'd be just creatures that would stay out for 6 months, then
for another 6 months, and so on, since their eyes would not be adjusted to 
the light / darkness / whatever. 

I for one am against this kind of system, not for only because of my
opinion, but because of logic.
this system would seem, to me at least, contradict the very logic base on
we were at least supposed to be building majik on.
- malekith

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