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Subject: Re: radical departure
From: joshua 'hook' corning (
Date: Tue Nov 16 1999 - 07:07:24 EET

"Jonathan Koehn (Eleril)" wrote:
> I as well wouldnt like a blank world. I like the fact that there are many
> different cultures.
> It  brings added life to the game. =)
> also brings up risks of one having to be careful in a new region until one
> figured out the culture
> there which helps people get into the game. :)

I think you are failing to see the problem with imposing untested
unproven cultures on 10,000 sixteen year olds. They won't do what we
want them to. Example in althainon i have put an individualistic archer
agrarian type sociaty. But what if the client for majik is inatiquate in
the implementation of archery and swords work better then the whole
design crumbles. What was the point in designing them that way in the
first place. How or why would that culture develope in that way in the
first place if bows and arrows gave no advantage? Another Example the
dwarves that yorka made. What is going to keep the dwarves so unity
oriantated? We could impose game limits like npcs that order players
around but would you listen to a npc. I guess the dwarf god could order
them around but the player of the god can't be there twenty four seven.
And lets say we do find this perfect system of controlling and
maintaining our sociaties who would want to play the game if it is that
totalitarian in control. 

> And i am trying to use my imagination.
> And mythical ideas would tend to be more interesting. for example like
> yorkaturr said
> its much more interesting to have foxes waving there tails on fields of
> snow.
> Then to have it simply as solar wind.

Yes you are right they are interesting but why should we impose upon the
players what these myths are. Let them invent them and see which idea
wins out by selection. This way many different ideas and myths can
coexist about the same phenominon within the world of majik. I mean if
we tell the players what the origians of phenomina are without any code
to back it up then theyb are just books in libraires what will prevent
the players from writting a conflicting myth or burning the book or
burning the library. Creating these myths seem like a waste of time if
they are only to change or be lost and forgotten. Do you want to
constantly remide people of what these myths are when they don't care or
have their own ideas about them?

Joshua 'hook' Corning

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