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Subject: Re: Between darkness and light...
From: Lari Kuitunen (
Date: Sat Jul 03 1999 - 11:49:01 EEST

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> McDuff wrote:
> > A thought just struck me <blam> :))
> >
> > The sun doesn't just provide light, it provides heat, and if a part of
> > world is in darkness for 6 months, you're either going to have every
part of
> > the world which ends up completely frozen for about 4 months, unless
you can
> > think of some way of solving this, like a complex system of underground
> > geysers or a highly active tectonic system to release heat.
> That was also one point in my suggestion: No sun =  no warmth = winter
> where, except! near the lava lakes (couldn't figure better word:) or in
the areas
> where appears to be heavy volcanic activity. I think some spells could be
> ful too.
In planets which have proper atmosphere, temperature-changes would
not be such drastic ones as proposed here. if we would not want 
"nuclear"winter every 6majik months... (in which case I would be hard
to explain _how_ on earth majik ended up with living organisms that
developed to a higher stage, intelligence and such, given those harsh
every six months..) .. we could say that majik's atmosphere consists of
that preserve heat, for example, more carbon dioxide or methane than in 
our atmosphere, or better yet, some previously unknown, fantasy-gas! ;)
so in this case, there would be summer, autumn, winter, spring - cycle, but
the changes would not be so radical, even though sun wouldn't shine at all
in autumn, it would take some time before the heat would dissipate from the
atmosphere, ending up with winter, and in the end of winter, sun would
shining again, taking some time to heat up the atmosphere, and that 
would be the time for spring. 

in short, atmosphere would act like a conduit for warmth.

- Malekith

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