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Subject: of gods and monsters
From: joshua 'hook' corning (hook@u.washington.edu)
Date: Thu Oct 07 1999 - 05:22:32 EEST

Proposal for gods, ancients and man

Ok this document is my proposal for how it works, gods, world and all. 

-	first there is the creation myth with Namhas Aluna and Sinister.
please read this text at https://majik3d-legacy.org/boc.html

-	next Namhas sees the world is stagnant and new creatures and plants
etc. do not reproduce there is no new blood to shake things up. The
world begins to loose its balance. So Namhas creates the god of nature
and so the animals and plants begin to reproduce. soon the world becomes
unbalanced again it becomes over populated. Namhas again sees the world
as unbalanced so he creates nature's brother Yorkaturr. And with him
comes death and the world balances again. animals and plants begin to
change (evolution) and adapt to this new element of survival. 

-	long time passes world appears balanced and changing. ie balance of
law and chaos.

-	new more intelligent animals (Mammals and birds) begin to come into
being these creatures start to leave behind a residue of consciousness
after their deaths. Spirits begin to haunt the world and the heavens
some fade to nothing while others join and create greater spirits. These
spirits become more and more powerful and begin to threaten the balance.
Some greater spirits choose to become flesh again and rejoin the world
this weakened them but made them independent from having to recruit new
spirits to keep up their strength. Still other greater spirits stayed in
the heavens and played with creatures of the world and tempting their
life force to them upon their deaths.

	The new Gods began to tire of the world and began to threaten Namhas
and the other gods draining the older gods' strength with constant
battle. So Namhas with the last of his powers created the many species
of man. He protected them in the heavens and let them roam the world and
return as they saw fit. In their quests on the earth they gathered the
spirits to replenish the powers of Namhas and the other older gods so
that they may battle the new gods. But it was to late the new gods
struck down the palace containing the races of man and they fell to
earth. They where no longer protected from Namhas and were susceptible
to the laws that govern the world; they could reproduce and they could

	Soon the heavens began to fill with the souls of dead people. The new
gods began to collect these souls unknowingly. The spirits of man had a
greater strength then the prior spirits the gods began to change. Their
motives and thoughts became more complex and defined. Also the gods
learned that living men could send power to gods through worship. The
gods began to lessen their interest in the heavens and focused again on
the world in search of strength and to further their aims. Some peoples
remembered the old gods and gave their prayers and souls to them. The
world became balanced again and Namhas smiled upon the earth. :)
1	Ok this is why I like this system. First it explains why the gods need
people to worship them. 

2	Second it gives a good explanation for ancient races they are the ones
that choose to become flesh. It also leaves the possibility of a god
becoming flesh or a powerful person to come back as a dragon or
something of course he/she would probably need the help of a god. 

3	It uses that whole flying room thing.

4	It also sets up a natural order of gods. 

5	It limits the power of the greater gods although they are greater
there is no reason why a lesser god could become more powerful.

6. 	It is simple and elegant :)
	Much of this can be changed in fact it would be cool to send out
different versions of this myth so as to confuse players. Like people of
Torell who worship the god of the Oceans would say that he took down the
palace of races but worshipers of Namhas would say that Namhas struck it
down himself. Also you could add sub myths to it like Namhas began to
mold goblins from bats into intelligent beings but could not do it fast
enough before he had to create people. Or maybe Yorkaturr began to
manipulate them into intelligent beings in the hopes of gleaning power
from their dead souls but the advent of races destroyed this or
	This is a very rough draft and can be improved.
	Anyway tell me what you think.
Joshua 'Hook' Corning

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