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Subject: Re: of gods and monsters
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Date: Thu Oct 07 1999 - 19:56:45 EEST

joshua 'hook' corning wrote:

> -       next Namhas sees the world is stagnant and new creatures and plants
> etc. do not reproduce there is no new blood to shake things up. The
> world begins to loose its balance. So Namhas creates the god of nature
> and so the animals and plants begin to reproduce. soon the world becomes
> unbalanced again it becomes over populated. Namhas again sees the world
> as unbalanced so he creates nature's brother Yorkaturr. And with him
> comes death and the world balances again. animals and plants begin to
> change (evolution) and adapt to this new element of survival.

I'd rather not see plants and animals appear before intelligents creatures.
I mean, when we get closer to the point of opening will animals be the first
ones which we create? not player races? If I was a good (and remember
that our Gods are played by normal mortals) I'd rather create something
interestings - servants, something which gives me more power etc. Though
I can understand animals and plants as source of spiritual energy....

> -       new more intelligent animals (Mammals and birds) begin to come into
> being these creatures start to leave behind a residue of consciousness
> after their deaths. Spirits begin to haunt the world and the heavens
> some fade to nothing while others join and create greater spirits. These
> spirits become more and more powerful and begin to threaten the balance.
> Some greater spirits choose to become flesh again and rejoin the world
> this weakened them but made them independent from having to recruit new
> spirits to keep up their strength. Still other greater spirits stayed in
> the heavens and played with creatures of the world and tempting their
> life force to them upon their deaths.

Just to point out, trees and other plants have also spirits. What happened
to their spirits then?

>         The new Gods began to tire of the world and began to threaten Namhas
> and the other gods draining the older gods' strength with constant
> battle. So Namhas with the last of his powers created the many species
> of man. He protected them in the heavens and let them roam the world and
> return as they saw fit. In their quests on the earth they gathered the
> spirits to replenish the powers of Namhas and the other older gods so
> that they may battle the new gods. But it was to late the new gods
> struck down the palace containing the races of man and they fell to
> earth. They where no longer protected from Namhas and were susceptible
> to the laws that govern the world; they could reproduce and they could
> die.

...This sounds familiar...

>         Soon the heavens began to fill with the souls of dead people. The new
> gods began to collect these souls unknowingly. The spirits of man had a
> greater strength then the prior spirits the gods began to change. Their
> motives and thoughts became more complex and defined. Also the gods
> learned that living men could send power to gods through worship. The
> gods began to lessen their interest in the heavens and focused again on
> the world in search of strength and to further their aims. Some peoples
> remembered the old gods and gave their prayers and souls to them. The
> world became balanced again and Namhas smiled upon the earth. :)

I have nothing against this...

- Beregar (

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