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Subject: Re: Goblins 0.1 Genus desc
From: Beregar (
Date: Thu Oct 07 1999 - 19:35:06 EEST

Tommi Leino wrote:

> On Wed, 6 Oct 1999, Kim Kunnas wrote:
> > World of Majik itself is very old,
> I thought Majik is young. It is more fitting that way for a small planet
> such as ours which contains regions unexplored and cities are relatively
> small and there are not too many of them. But of course we can have it
> that way that the world was created some 100k years ago and then a few
> ancients were scattered around the world and those ancients were immortal
> (by age) and couldn't multiply. Then only a few centuries ago came humans
> and other races (a bit more far ago for elves etc.) etc.

hmm, I thought that cultures were supposed to be young, not the planet itself.
Cultures = humans, elves etc

> Perhaps those who came out of the room could be the ancients and perhaps
> our sages (designers) could be those ancients, as they know everything
> anyways and it would be unrealistic for a human (ancients however could
> take a human form) to know everything if they have been here only for few
> centuries. I don't see it fitting to have ancients in the world before
> the flying room (regardless whether they came out before or after crash)
> as there in reality were not any. It was an empty landscape.

yes, that's what i suggested, those who appeared from the rooms are the
ancients and sages are remnants of them. I also suggested that all lesser
creatures were either created by them or evolved from them. It's ok for
me if this happened many 1000 (Majik/Normal) years ago. Well, it
depends if we count also other versions of Majik, there has been many
"tests" and "ancients" before Majik3d. :)

- Beregar (

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