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Date: Thu Oct 07 1999 - 16:33:17 EEST

> > battles. This is probably the only realistic use of bows in a fanticy
> > game i have seen. D&D is a clasical example of bad implementation. I
> > mean 2 shots in a round which is a minute and only 1-6 damage. This is
> > complete bullshit and totaly unrealistic. I could fire 10 shots in under
> > a minute and I suck. Arrows go through armor swords don't. In fact they
> > go through armor go through the person and stick into the person behind
> > them.

The point of this was to show that Beregars vorack race could be hurt
with bow shot arrows even more so then with crossbows.  Thick fur is not
a protection against such a weapon. I just looked some stuff on the web
under welsh long bow. One acount stated arrows penetrating 4 inch thich
oak wood doors. and others about arrows penetrating clean through modern
made stainless steel chain mail armor.

If balance is a problem there are other ways to balance bow use in majik
then just lowering its dammage and raising the time it takes to shoot.
First make its use somewhat manual so a player who does try to use it in
close quarters can't parry or dodge. I don't think we should take away
the ability to fire shots into a chargeing monster even if its only a
meter away. Other limiting factor is learning curve for hitting somthing
and for maintaining the wepon. heat, cold wtness and dryness can all
ruin a bow if not carfully tended to. And learning how to hit things is
a long and tedious process. Another thing is technology. The Long bow
wasn't well used after the bronze age until about 1330 such a wepon just
might not exist yet or if it does only say the althainions and elves
know how to make and use them. and lastly tactics. by simply holding a
shild at an angle one can protect them selves fairly well from it.
Basicly in terms of history the welsh long bow ended the use of heavy
armor on the battle feild. It can be used as a balance against those
players who try to minimize their AC with heavy armor.

Joshua 'hook' corning

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