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Subject: Re: status of coders, designers etc
From: Tommi Leino (
Date: Thu Oct 07 1999 - 13:04:30 EEST

On Wed, 6 Oct 1999, joshua 'hook' corning wrote:

> battles. This is probably the only realistic use of bows in a fanticy
> game i have seen. D&D is a clasical example of bad implementation. I
> mean 2 shots in a round which is a minute and only 1-6 damage. This is
> complete bullshit and totaly unrealistic. I could fire 10 shots in under
> a minute and I suck. Arrows go through armor swords don't. In fact they
> go through armor go through the person and stick into the person behind
> them. 

Such a game like D&D must be balanced. Everyone would use bows all the
time if they would do more damage and could ignore the AC. Anyways, bows
DO rule in D&D if played well. Never one should use a bow in close combat
but they're a must to have if battling with monsters that can do some
serious damage if they score a hit. One must use tactics and attack the
monster from far away, thus also very useful if spot a monster some 100
meters away and if the monster doesn't have any ranged weapon it is doomed
unless it can hide. One can always set the arrows to fire and do even
more havoc. They rule regardless of whatever amount they do damage with no
bonuses or how many times in a round they can be shot.

D&D however sucks anyway in the fact that you _can_ use a bow in close
combat, there is no rule for it AFAIK and the rules do not care about the
fact that you can't parry with the bow, only to dodge and that would mean
to run away because you really can't fire the bow when one is swinging a
sword in front of you.

Tommi Leino / Majik 3D project

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