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Subject: Re: status of coders, designers etc
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Date: Thu Oct 07 1999 - 13:13:14 EEST

Tommi Leino wrote:
> On Wed, 6 Oct 1999, joshua 'hook' corning wrote:
> > battles. This is probably the only realistic use of bows in a fanticy
> > game i have seen. D&D is a clasical example of bad implementation. I
> > mean 2 shots in a round which is a minute and only 1-6 damage. This is
> > complete bullshit and totaly unrealistic. I could fire 10 shots in under
> > a minute and I suck. Arrows go through armor swords don't. In fact they
> > go through armor go through the person and stick into the person behind
> > them.
> Such a game like D&D must be balanced. Everyone would use bows all the
> time if they would do more damage and could ignore the AC. Anyways, bows
> DO rule in D&D if played well. Never one should use a bow in close combat
> but they're a must to have if battling with monsters that can do some
> serious damage if they score a hit. One must use tactics and attack the
> monster from far away, thus also very useful if spot a monster some 100
> meters away and if the monster doesn't have any ranged weapon it is doomed
> unless it can hide. One can always set the arrows to fire and do even
> more havoc. They rule regardless of whatever amount they do damage with no
> bonuses or how many times in a round they can be shot.
> D&D however sucks anyway in the fact that you _can_ use a bow in close
> combat, there is no rule for it AFAIK and the rules do not care about the
> fact that you can't parry with the bow, only to dodge and that would mean
> to run away because you really can't fire the bow when one is swinging a
> sword in front of you.

It is true what Namhas already explained. You should also remember the
fact that D&D is a rpg for newbies and thus it lacks realism in game
system and is not very flexible. However, depending not on the system of
the rpg, DM should use his/her head and not follow rules blindly.
And yes, bows and arrows can be very deadly, even in AD&D/D&D, as it was
proved in Baldur's Gate AD&D crpg by kobold archers >;)
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