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Date: Thu Oct 07 1999 - 09:35:20 EEST

Beregar wrote:

> 2.3     Weapons & Armors
>         Vorack don't use weapons or armors. They have excellent natural weapons so why would they
>         make artificial? They have also thick skin, especially older members of race, which can ea
>         sily withstand blows from blunt weapons though it is a weaker against heavier slashing wea
>         pons. Arrows and sling bullets make them only angry but crossbow bolt is fast and strong
>         enough to penetrate their skin.

Ever hear of the Welsh long bow 10,000 dead french and like 18 dead
english. A well made compound bow can fire an arrow close to the speed
of sound. As i understand it cross bows are made for close quarter
attacks and are in fact weaker wepons then bows. The advantage of
crossbows is not in speed but smaller learning curve and speed of the
the initil attack. I have seen a deer shot with a bow. it went straight
though bone clear out the other side and stuck into a tree and this was
shot at 50 meters. Its heart was shot clean through it died near
instantly from internal bleeding. Ive also heard of people hunting bears
with bows. they have been known to penitrate the skull into the brain
also long range bows actualy hit close to the speed at which they are
fired. becouse of physics. You know what goes up must come down. well
they slow down as they go up but speed as they come down like a
pendalam. This should definatly be changed. A big problem with many
fanacy games is that they underestimate the power of bows in warfare.
Play Myth a well placed group of archers usualy decides the outcome of
battles. This is probably the only realistic use of bows in a fanticy
game i have seen. D&D is a clasical example of bad implementation. I
mean 2 shots in a round which is a minute and only 1-6 damage. This is
complete bullshit and totaly unrealistic. I could fire 10 shots in under
a minute and I suck. Arrows go through armor swords don't. In fact they
go through armor go through the person and stick into the person behind

Joshua 'hook' corning

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