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Subject: Re: Goblins 0.1 Genus desc
From: Tommi Leino (
Date: Wed Oct 06 1999 - 20:35:07 EEST

On Wed, 6 Oct 1999, Kim Kunnas wrote:

> World of Majik itself is very old,

I thought Majik is young. It is more fitting that way for a small planet
such as ours which contains regions unexplored and cities are relatively
small and there are not too many of them. But of course we can have it
that way that the world was created some 100k years ago and then a few
ancients were scattered around the world and those ancients were immortal
(by age) and couldn't multiply. Then only a few centuries ago came humans
and other races (a bit more far ago for elves etc.) etc.

When we begun working on Majik 3 it had a room called "Default starting
location" or something like that, where all the people came when they
connected to the game as there were no any areas yet. Then when we created
the worldmap we wanted the users to be able to test the worldmap but again
as there were no areas we had to use the default starting location for it
so we made it fly around the worldmap and users could jump out of it and
jump back too (if they could catch the room as it was constantly moving)
until we decided to create a first test area. We had no idea for the area
so I just decided that let's crash the room down and let's build a village
around the crash site. So the room crashed and people came out of it and
begun building the village. That was what really happened, make a story of

Perhaps those who came out of the room could be the ancients and perhaps
our sages (designers) could be those ancients, as they know everything
anyways and it would be unrealistic for a human (ancients however could
take a human form) to know everything if they have been here only for few
centuries. I don't see it fitting to have ancients in the world before
the flying room (regardless whether they came out before or after crash)
as there in reality were not any. It was an empty landscape.

Tommi Leino / Majik 3D project

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