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Subject: Re: Goblins 0.1 Genus desc
From: Kim Kunnas (
Date: Wed Oct 06 1999 - 13:09:08 EEST

On Wed, 6 Oct 1999, joshua 'hook' corning wrote:

> I am confused. So which ancients do you mean? There are ancients which
> existed before the two rooms collided then there are the ancients in the
> two rooms then there are the gods. Who created what and when? Even more
> importantly who created who and who created the original who created the
> rest? And what is the significance of the two rooms. Am i to assume that
> these are ufo's of some kind and if they are where did they come from?
> Once again what is the time line of all this? I ask because i have a
> fairly old human civilization that Im designing in Nalor Thaan and im
> sick of redesigning stuff because of these undocumented descriptions of
> history and race origins that keep popping up.
> Joshua 'hook' Corning
"The Ancients" are ancestors of those races who now dwell majik. They
are those who appeared from flying rooms when they crashed. Flying
rooms on the other hand were created by the Gods of Majik but their
purpose remains unclear (to cause legends). I recall that someone, 
maybe me? suggested that flying rooms were some testing chambers too 
and they (accidently?) fell on Majik. 

Ancient creatures (=not "The Ancients") are on the other hand creatures
like dragons, demons etc which may not be creations of the Gods or are
"succesful" expiriments of the Gods.

World of Majik itself is very old, Gods are even older, age of ancient
creatures is undefined, but they are older than the Ancients which are
still older than current races which are very young. Actually I recall
we planned to their culture be unfinished when the game opens and that
we, the sages (= the remaining Ancients) are their guides and try to
guide their culture to develop as we planned it in our design. 

That's how I understood our original idea, I might be wrong tho

- Beregar (

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