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Beregar wrote:
> joshua 'hook' corning wrote:
> > -       next Namhas sees the world is stagnant and new creatures and plants
> > etc. do not reproduce there is no new blood to shake things up. The
> > world begins to loose its balance. So Namhas creates the god of nature
> > and so the animals and plants begin to reproduce. soon the world becomes
> > unbalanced again it becomes over populated. Namhas again sees the world
> > as unbalanced so he creates nature's brother Yorkaturr. And with him
> > comes death and the world balances again. animals and plants begin to
> > change (evolution) and adapt to this new element of survival.
> I'd rather not see plants and animals appear before intelligents creatures.
> I mean, when we get closer to the point of opening will animals be the first
> ones which we create? not player races? If I was a good (and remember
> that our Gods are played by normal mortals) I'd rather create something
> interestings - servants, something which gives me more power etc. Though
> I can understand animals and plants as source of spiritual energy....

This is straight from the creation myth
"He lifted the mountains from the bossom of the earth and let their
peaks rise high to praise the sky which curved as a blue ether over the
circle of earth. The figure let the trees rise from their mould and the
grass to grow at their roots and he set the wind to blow between the
leaves of the trees. But the figure was not happy."
So at least plants existed. At this time Namahas had created servents
namely Aluna and Sinister. there where no other gods at the time. Also
they where more interested in keeping balance instead of power. But the
myth i proposed after the creation myth will have to change. i just
reread it and it would be better Yorkaturr and nature god be made by
Aluna and sinister.

If you want the new gods that arose after the old gods could make

> > -       new more intelligent animals (Mammals and birds) begin to come into
> > being these creatures start to leave behind a residue of consciousness
> > after their deaths. Spirits begin to haunt the world and the heavens
> > some fade to nothing while others join and create greater spirits. These
> > spirits become more and more powerful and begin to threaten the balance.
> > Some greater spirits choose to become flesh again and rejoin the world
> > this weakened them but made them independent from having to recruit new
> > spirits to keep up their strength. Still other greater spirits stayed in
> > the heavens and played with creatures of the world and tempting their
> > life force to them upon their deaths.
> Just to point out, trees and other plants have also spirits. What happened
> to their spirits then? 

I sure hope you don't mean this in the real world ( of course this comes
from a nialistic scientific materialist :) But yes this can be changed. 

> >         The new Gods began to tire of the world and began to threaten Namhas
> > and the other gods draining the older gods' strength with constant
> > battle. So Namhas with the last of his powers created the many species
> > of man. He protected them in the heavens and let them roam the world and
> > return as they saw fit. In their quests on the earth they gathered the
> > spirits to replenish the powers of Namhas and the other older gods so
> > that they may battle the new gods. But it was to late the new gods
> > struck down the palace containing the races of man and they fell to
> > earth. They where no longer protected from Namhas and were susceptible
> > to the laws that govern the world; they could reproduce and they could
> > die.
> ...This sounds familiar... 

How so? Which part? In all myths i have heard the new gods usually kill
their father this sort of follows this course exept namhas and others do
not die but are just taken down a peg.

Joshua 'hook' Corning

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