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Date: Tue Aug 17 1999 - 22:21:45 EEST

On Wed, 18 Aug 1999 18:56:16 +0300 Beregar <> wrote:
>There are always some people breaking social rules. I feel any kind
>of laws feeble excuse for limitations if they completelly prevent use
>of certain magic type or unless they are bound to magic itself.
>It's up to players and their society to make limits for magic using
>but people should be still able to break against those social rules
>and use whatever magic they wish to even if it means exile or
>similar punishment...

I believe this was more or less what I was trying to get across here.
There would not be any "set" limitations for using any kinds of magic, but
using the "wrong" kind of magic would have serious social consequences.
For example, a magician living in an area where healing spells are the
only accepted kind of magic who suddendly starts lobbing fireballs might
find that nobody will speak to him (not politely, at least), the local
guards will hassle him constantly for every little thing, his order of
food at the inn will come late, cold, and possibly uncooked, and he's
charged vastly inflated prices in every local store... There would be
little choice but to move elsewhere, for example to among people who think
that lobbing fireballs is cool, but using magic to something as pitiful as
HEALING is almost obscene, so he'd have to keep his ability to heal a
secret there unless he wants to face it all over again...

This, as I said, requires good roleplaying, but it would IMO be a much
better and less artifical than any "universal law" that would control the
use of magic... The control of an individual's power would come from the
society and other players... Of course someone might simply choose to
ignore the social limits, but he'd be a pretty unpopular fellow with a
reputation as a megalomaniac, and anyone living nearby might think he's a
Really Bad Guy and start looking for people to bring him down... And I
would think this isn't a bad thing at all, but would be very much Majik...
And isn't this how the Evil Bad Guys (tm) come about anyways, hmm?

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