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Subject: Re: New
From: Atte Koivula (
Date: Tue Aug 17 1999 - 10:34:31 EEST

> Greetings!


>I am the newest addition to the majik development team, in
>the world design section, Juha Jantunen, also known as
>Talgor. Pleased to make your acquintance. *bow*

I am one of the oldest members of the majik development
team, in the development section, Atte Koivula, also known
as Yorkaturr, one of the supreme Gods of Evil, and the
official spoilsport (tm) of Majik. Pleased to make your
acquaintance. *grin*

>I will probably be working on the various aspects of magic
>in Majik, so if any of you have any idea about what kind
>of magic Majik should have/has already (?), please mail me
>about it and I\\\\\\\'ll try to create something working and
>coherent out of it.

As Malekith pointed out, the magic system is pretty much
designed already. I would post all the available
documentation on the subject to refresh everyone\\\\\\\'s 
memories as it SEEMS like people have already forgotten 
everything about the subject, but unfortunately I am at work
and thus unable to do so. Malekith, you do it.

>At Namhas\\\\\\\' request, I will try to discuss things here
>first before writing too much on them, so expect to see
>mail from me about the most bizarre subjects from time to
>time. ;)

We are already used to that from Beregar. Let\\\\\\\'s see if 
can top him.

>I\\\\\\\'ve also been charged with making a some kind of 
>Developers\\\\\\\' Guide to Majik\\\\\\\", and I will need help 
>you in making that, being a new developer myself. I will
>probably ask a number of very silly questions from you and
>write the answers down so other people won\\\\\\\'t have to do
>it all over again when they join the development team.

I think it was Glabrezu who tried something similar and
completely failed in his efforts due to the non-cooperative
nature of the Majik devs. Good luck.

As a sidenote, from now on refer to yourself as 
as the \\\\\\\"developer\\\\\\\" or \\\\\\\"dev\\\\\\\" -concepts are 
reserved for 
the coders, even though they are semantically correct.

>I hope I will make my contributions to Majik well,
>successfully, and on-time, so please, bear with me. ;)

There\\\\\\\'s a strong disturbance in the Force.

>People interested in other aspects of me can see my
>homepage (address below). If the address does not respond,
>that means I\\\\\\\'m playing XCOM3 and you\\\\\\\'ll have to wait 
>hour or two. ;)

People interested in other aspects of me can see me in RL.
Would you like to attend the Majik cavecon this saturday
just so that you could make yourself more familiar to the
Majik team?

/Atte \\\\\\\"Yorkaturr\\\\\\\" Koivula <>

True darkness is not the absence of light.
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