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Subject: Re: New
From: Beregar (
Date: Tue Aug 17 1999 - 14:30:37 EEST

Juha Jantunen wrote:

> Greetings!
>    I am the newest addition to the majik development team, in the world
> design section, Juha Jantunen, also known as Talgor. Pleased to make your
> acquintance. *bow*

yes, yes, get to work or...*searches his whip* ;)

>    I will probably be working on the various aspects of magic in Majik, so
> if any of you have any idea about what kind of magic Majik should have/has
> already (?), please mail me about it and I'll try to create something
> working and coherent out of it. At Namhas' request, I will try to discuss
> things here first before writing too much on them, so expect to see mail
> from me about the most bizarre subjects from time to time. ;)

Design races & regions! Magic at this time is irrelevant (hmm damn,
i'm starting to resemble devs with my comments), there's not much
sense in magic designing if you don't have anyone who uses it. Though
while designing races/tribes you can make race/tribe related spells and
maybe build that "common spells" list too (just to make Malekith
happy ;).

>    I've also been charged with making a some kind of "New Developers'
> Guide to Majik", and I will need help from you in making that, being a new
> developer myself. I will probably ask a number of very silly questions
> from you and write the answers down so other people won't have to do it
> all over again when they join the development team.

Designers guide...devs already know what they make...or at least they claim
so. Asking is worst (but unfortunately only) way to get information here. :)

>    I hope I will make my contributions to Majik well, successfully,
> and on-time, so please, bear with me. ;)

I hope so too ;)

- Beregar (

P.S. Address all questions to design and you may (or may not) get
       the answer, address also all ideas to design and you get flamed:)

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