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Subject: Arianne RPG
From: Tommi Leino (
Date: Fri Sep 24 1999 - 23:59:52 EEST

One of the greatest flaws in Open Source development model is that it is
easy to begin a project and actually easier to do so than to join an
existing one. As posted by Steve Baker to plib-devel mailing list, there
seems to be almost 100 Open Source tetris clones for Linux, what a waste!
What if all of those would have been organized to produce just an one
tetris game, it would be a rocking game indeed, .. and bloated as Emacs.
:) Every time a new project comes up utilizing similar ideas with the
Majik project I send a message to their dev team and try to draw lines
between the projects, to avoid duplicate work and in certain cases to
share resources in order avoid needless reinvention the wheel. 

Your project really have similar ideas with existing free software 
projects, specially Majik and WorldForge (and its already existing quite
direct clones). The WorldForge project is trying to do a framework for
online worlds of any kind, particularly role-playing worlds with
flexibility, you can use whatever client type from 3D graphics to
text-based client and that quite directly overlaps with your idea
listing's GFX paragraph, why to do all those by yourself when you could
take the already existing code, and not only to copy it, you could use the
framework, the WorldForge team would do bug-fixing and further development 
of that part by theirselves without needing to worry about it, while still
being able to modify the source code. That's the best part of the whole
Open Source movement, just why don't we exploit it?

As said above, the WorldForge project is really just a framework, while
the Majik project is a project to do a complete game, without even trying
to create any kind of framework. Yes, we too could have used WorldForge's
framework and just to do the world, but our project has been here since
94/95 and we're not too happy with WorldForge, which began as a Majik
clone in late 98 without caring to hear me, and we have the code already
ahead of them anyways. Apart from the ideas to do many client types
and offline gaming I would say that all the others listed overlap with
ours, fully or nearly so.

Unless you want to do all of the work by yourself to produce something
that already exists, I would like you to see the Majik project from, particularly,
you will notice similar ideas. If you can't imagine the line between our
projects that would be thick enough to distinguish them as separate, we
invite you to join an IRC meeting (or whatever applicable) to sort out
our differences and discuss how these two projects could be merged
together most efficiently.

Thank you.

Tommi Leino / Majik 3D project

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