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Subject: Re: post cataclysm
From: joshua 'hook' corning (
Date: Wed Dec 01 1999 - 12:26:26 EET

Ari Miettinen wrote:

> would be low, places would be in ruins and the people/players would
> have a lot to do. (Just after being relative term, I mean year to ten after
> the Cataclysm.)

I disagree the start of the game should start the day after or the
minute after or right after the cataclysm. I hate to pull a "Mandor" but
i thought at least on this point we were in agreement. I thought it was
already decided. This post here by Bethel definatly states this:

Also in Mandors "cataclysm desided" text he hints at this as well with
this statement:
"But now its time for a fresh beginning and a new start, perhaps this
the people will learn to behave"

found in this e-mail:

I really did not want to start this discusion about the cataclysm again
and just wanted to design some descs. I have never heard anything
anywhere about the game starting any significant time after the
cataclysm. This is entirely new. I have to say i am fucking sick and
tired of this discussion i wish it would just end.

For the record the game starts right after the cataclysm as in within a
24 hour period of time. I would like everyone to note that i posted this
proposal first. 

The obviouse advantage of this is that the world really does start new.
There will be no interim time for cultures to develope that are of our
design it will be all the players job to remake society in their image
(with the guidance of the gods and sages of course) This was the point
of the cataclysm as i recall.

Please post responses to this I want to get this settled as SOON as

Joshua 'hook sick and tired' Corning

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