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Subject: Re: post cataclysm
From: Sinister Serpent (
Date: Thu Dec 02 1999 - 10:49:11 EET

joshua 'hook' corning wrote:

> For the record the game starts right after the cataclysm as in within a
> 24 hour period of time. I would like everyone to note that i posted this
> proposal first.

This is fine with me, but there is a problem: if we assume that
characters forgot _everything_ (including their names, families etc.),
they will first decide a new name, which is ok of course, but skills and
others? How would they remember that? I think that from week to four
weeks since the Cataclysm would be ok.

Also, this brings me to another problem which is seen only when the game
has been running for some time (it seems that either nobody has been
thinking about this or then nobody worried about this). The problem is
with the new players which do not start the game when the game first
opens but, let us say, a few weeks or months (whatever) after the game
has started (in game terms, long time after the cataclysm). Why they
will not remember anything and what they have been doing for the past
weeks/months/years? Lying in coma or what? Ideas for this please, since
I assume it is as big problem to be solved as the "dementia" for the
first characters in the game.
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