"small" problems with this and that

Subject: "small" problems with this and that
From: Sinister Serpent (sinister.serpent@sci.fi)
Date: Wed Dec 01 1999 - 11:22:11 EET

Kaoru Shalamberidze wrote:
> we have to find some for of golden road inbetween.

IMHO the so-called "golden road in between" is just this
Hollywood/mainstream-stuff, nothing extreme or unique.

> Feel free to help :) but try to do it in harmony with previuous designs,
> if there are conflicts then explain why this new thing (what ever it is)
> is better, and how old things should be changed.

How can I be aware the possible conflicts if I even do not know what is
decided and what is not?

> you just seem have a nasty habit of taking some what there
> is on you and inventing the rest.

Eh? What I have taken from somewhere else or did I misundestand you?

> > Well, actually my wizards were not good, neutral rather and you forgot
> This is exactly like this in Amthors version aswell :) they are both good
> and/or neutral.

If the wizards had been evil (like the liches) then the idea would have
reminded someone else's idea, so all the same.
If both groups would have been good, maybe then the idea would have been
original since then it would be so stupid and unrealistic that I would
not want to make up an idea like that.

> 2. the events HAVE TO include gods, specially new gods, since at the
>    moment they smell trouble and see destruction coming they start to
>    cover up their asses and they start to fight for their own
>    survivial. Since New gods created humanity and are dependent on
>    it, atleast to some degree.

I disagree on this. It would be better if there were no gods involved
with the cataclysm, but if it is already decided that there are gods
involved, let it be so, then.

> 1. horsemen have to be included, its a good idea.

I do not think that all of the horsemen, but some.
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