About this and that (mainly bullshit for Mandor)

Subject: About this and that (mainly bullshit for Mandor)
From: Sinister Serpent (sinister.serpent@sci.fi)
Date: Wed Dec 01 1999 - 11:00:42 EET

Kaoru Shalamberidze wrote:
> On Mon, 29 Nov 1999, Sinister Serpent wrote:
> > It seems that my "vision" about magic differs a lot from yours and in my
> > explanation for cataclysm and its happenings are that the "rules" of
> > magic were changed by gods after this disaster. I do not know if this
> > fits the current history and/or magic of Majik but I will give my shot
> > anyway.
> Yes it seems so. You want to keep you sheep hollywood-alike vision.

You are funny. You are a thousand times more mainstream than I am, and
when you get an original idea, it is copied from somewhere else, so do
not try to feed that Hollywood-bullshit to me, please.

> They work at their best with this kind of structure, and also at the same
> time this is apart from shitty mainstream hollywood-alike bullshit and
> outranks just about every system in pure superiority.

Yeah, right.
I am a "bit" cynical towards all claims about one's pure superiority and
unique ways to do this and that. It has been so many time when there has
been sweet talk and nice sentences but nothing very original at all,
just the same bullshit, so you need a "bit" more than just words to
convince me.

> > You know why your example about ants does not work (even though it is
> > rather good example otherwise)?
> > Ants have no magic which could affect the normal "laws of nature", so
> > your example is unusuable.
> This only proves that you STILL didnt get my point. sad. If you are unable
> to see the relations between examples, then i might aswell be talking to
> the walls.

Then give your bullshit to walls instead of me.

Kaoru Shalamberidze wrote:
> On Mon, 29 Nov 1999, Atte Koivula wrote:
> There is no such thing as "spells". There is different acts of altering
> reality, but they are hardly any one spell, the same "fireball" effect
> forexample can be created in perhaps a hundred different way. Magic and
> "spells" are simply knowledge and skill of how to change reality.

This is splitting of hairs as I told you earlier. If there is magic (or
magick) there *is* spells, no matter if you do not call them spells,
invocations or whatever, so do not give me that bullshit over and over

> Second. There is no such thing as mana, never has been and never will be.
> Mana does not exist and there is absolutely no need for such thing either.
> The only "mana" if it can be called so is the wizards own personal
> endurance and stability of spyche. how long he can concentrate or strain
> himself.

Blaah. There used to be and I am *really sorry* if there is not mana
anymore. I could not care less if there was mana or not. You should be
able to "convert" these ideas or terms to fit to Majik and not start
splitting hairs.

> 3rd. A real form of namhas or any elder god cannot at any point exist in
> the creation. Elder gods are ALWAYS using avatars.

Oh yes? I think we should ask Namhas about this. I am sure he has a word
over yours in this matter.

> There is no mana because it requires almost
> nothing to take a pencil and paper and draw lines on it, it requires
> SOMETHING thou, but its almost nothing and can hardly be called mana.

And you are saying you are not splitting hairs? >;)

> Also the idea that there was 2 sides battling against each other, how ever
> a little bit nice, turns out to be crappy in the end. The story could be
> way more interesting than that. Now it is in a very american IQ 80 way
> very black-n-white story with 2 sides, good and bad having a fight, now
> where have i seen that before? how fucking boring is that :)

Of course it is Hollywoodish because you see it that way. I am so sorry
if I offended your superior intelligence and did not create as unique
story as you wanted. Maybe you should make a better one by yourself.

> Better ideas would be many powerful individuals, many sides, no good or
> evil, no lame angels or demons.

Puuh. Powerful individuals like politics? No lame demons or angels? What
then? If you think demons and angels and other extra-planar creatures
are boring and lame, maybe you should read some fantasy for adult-people
and stop watching Teletubbies and stuff like that. For example, take a
look at Warhammer Fantasy RPG and you see some REALLY evil demons and
true chaos and not some demons looking like a smurf.

Final words: do not take my arguments so personally, you just happened
to be an example. 
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