Re: Cataclysm decided!

Subject: Re: Cataclysm decided!
From: McDuff (
Date: Fri Nov 26 1999 - 19:09:38 EET

>Why can't humans or others gain such high amounts of power. I mean its
>possible to reverse engeneer DVD encrytion codes or MSwindows and sony
>playstation APIs why can't humans reverse engineer the universe. Hell in
>our Real world we are doing just that by decoding the human genome and
>with quantum physics grand unified theory.

Well, actually there is no Unified Field Theory as of yet.  Quantum physics
explains about 90% of the universe as we know it, but it is a well known
fact that all "science" is just the best approximation you can give at the
moment.  And as for genetics, don't even get me started!

>Why would the gods protect physical things. why would they care if
>massive amounts of people die or don't. I mean the cataclysm can be seen
>as a natural event in the eyes of the gods like the tides of the ocean.
>If the populations of humans elves and orcs suddenly lowered i see no
>real reason why they would care enough to stop it. They arn't even the
>creators of the human races the new gods are. At least that is what i

Namhas would strive for balance, and the Gods would protect their followers,
if only for the "divine points" that they lose if they didn't.

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