Cataclysm decided!

Subject: Cataclysm decided!
From: Kaoru Shalamberidze (
Date: Thu Nov 25 1999 - 14:27:28 EET

We had a chat about the cataclysm and now its decided, there will be no
whining after this :)

The events before the cataclysm went about as follows:

- first there was a few individual great wizards and other powerful beings
  who in their envy shun the gods and envied their power. Perhaps partly
  because of god Mandor they got really power-hungry
- Next they formed an alliance, tho perfect their power and perhaps 
  became gods themselfs.
- They had great influence among the people and they changed the way
  people thought about gods. People became ignorant and more supportive
  towards their powerful and present cabal.
- First effects hit the weaker new gods at this time.
- The power of the cabal grew considerably when they started to attract
  a huge volume of followers for their ideals, which were atheism and
  satanism + others. Worshipping "old gods" was no longer needed 
  and this powerful cabal of wizards was very popular
- More effects backfired on gods
- Next the cabal and their followers started to go offensive.
  They killed few gods, demigods and ancients
- Their religions and ideology spread all over the world, mostly 
  enforced but it did.
- The gods realized that this would lead to destruction
- The good gods like dazzt and others tried to help humanity and
  save them for their fate. But the evil ones like Yorkaturr, sinister
  and perhaps the worst Mandor (feeding the cabals hunger for power)
  resisted the good gods, and made their attempts to save humanity
  pretty futile.
- The ranks of new gods started to fall apart, most of their worshippers 
  and support now gone and everything going to hell. They tried to
  save themselfs and do something about it. But again the strong elder
  evil ones came about and kicked their asses. For a short time 
  there was "a war in heavens"
- As the world escalated towards chaos and destruction the gods fought
  over its fate. Finally the greater god Namhas came forth and 
  decided that the world must go if the people are behaving like
- Conclave of gods decided to do nothing, just sit and watch as
  mortals destroy themselfs.
- Chaos and disorder spread and finally the attempts of the cabal
  lead to devastating destruction. the cataclysm.
- Lord Sinister laughed at that day.

Now the world is in ruins, all because of powerhungry great wizards and
their followers. Lots of new gods are very weak and many of them even
dead. Old cities, old nations, people, tribes.. lost. Destroyed by their
own stupidity. The world had first suffered many years under the madness
of the cabal and under the chaos that came from the mini-war of the gods,
and because many new gods left their duties in order to save themsefls.
People who live after the cataclysm have either suffered greatly themself
or are the descedants of those you lived in the troubled times. 
But now its time for a fresh beginning and a new start, perhaps this time
the people will learn to behave. 

Thou you can be sure about Mandor trying to feed their hunger for power
the best he can - again :) ...

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