Re: The truth behind the Cataclysm, pt. I

Subject: Re: The truth behind the Cataclysm, pt. I
From: Kaoru Shalamberidze (
Date: Mon Nov 29 1999 - 17:12:57 EET

On Mon, 29 Nov 1999, Sinister Serpent wrote:

> > This is the thing why iv been arguing with you, it seems that you totally
> > dont understand how magic works and what it is. So i try to give an
> > example so you would get it.
> It seems that my "vision" about magic differs a lot from yours and in my
> explanation for cataclysm and its happenings are that the "rules" of
> magic were changed by gods after this disaster. I do not know if this
> fits the current history and/or magic of Majik but I will give my shot
> anyway.

Yes it seems so. You want to keep you sheep hollywood-alike vision. Well
in majik we decided to do better and different. This is the whole story
behind symbols/spheres/arts/truenames what ever you want to call them.
They work at their best with this kind of structure, and also at the same
time this is apart from shitty mainstream hollywood-alike bullshit and
outranks just about every system in pure superiority.
> You know why your example about ants does not work (even though it is
> rather good example otherwise)?
> Ants have no magic which could affect the normal "laws of nature", so
> your example is unusuable.

This only proves that you STILL didnt get my point. sad. If you are unable
to see the relations between examples, then i might aswell be talking to
the walls. 
> Yes, this all is true, gods can do this and that BUT they DO NOT
> intefere with mortals and all kinds of happenings and events all the
> time. They are there to supervise the balance etc. and not to use the
> world as their own playground. I am sorry for you if you think that
> world of Majik is just a playground for gods. It is NOT that and never
> will be. That is the main reason why do not gods intervene with the
> world all the time they can.

Of course it isnt and never will be, i totally agree. The thing is that
there are other powers messing about than just the elder gods, and they
handle things differently simply because its a matter of survival.


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