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Subject: Re: World size
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Date: Wed Dec 01 1999 - 01:48:39 EET

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Subject: World size

> There was some talk about this long time ago, perhaps during Majik4
> times. Could someone tell me if we came to a good conclusion back then?
> I didn't find any from the archives :(
> So, how much land do we need?
> The new "worldtree" will have a maximum of 65536 x 65536 leaves
> (containers for objects and map) and each leaf will cover 32m x 32m (or
> 64) area or something [not decided, good size depends on the amount of
> objects].
> The maximum size for the world would be 2097km x 2097km
> (using 32m resolution). The resulting worldtree's size would be
>  size = leaves_x * leaves_y * 5 bytes
> which would make around 20 gigabytes for theoretical maximum size.
> That amount does NOT count any object or terrain data -- it's just the
> data structure holding the world together. Also, if the terrain has not
> been modified in any way and there aren't any objects in a leaf's area it
> doesn't need to be stored anywhere. In contrast, if there has been lots of
> changes in the terrain a leaf will take much more space (up to few
> kilobytes).
> Harum proposed a size of 131km x 131km (4096x4096 nodes, 32m resolution).
> That would use ~84 megabytes (+ terrain + objects) for the world.
> This sounds reasonable to me, any objections?
On this map how big will. Say a average size pc be. if he where on a square
meter how much would he occupy of it. Closer to a ants size or closer to
human size.

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