Re: A small part of the huge problem

Subject: Re: A small part of the huge problem
From: Sinister Serpent (
Date: Tue Nov 30 1999 - 13:40:43 EET

joshua 'hook' corning wrote:
> Sinister Serpent wrote:
> > Umm..there are some minor exceptions to this.
> > AFAIK, some African countries have decided to make their "pagan"
> > religions the "state church" or something and drive away christianity.
> > Also, individuals in many countries have either started a religion of
> > their own or decided to revive the old "pagan" religions which were
> > there before christianity was brought there.
> > How is this related to Majik, then?
> Again this is happening now in the modern world not in the dark ages or
> ancient times in majik. An understanding of the past religions and
> cultures have to be gleened first. Of course there would be no conserted
> effort to do this in majik without instant comunication and cheeply
> printed words.

I am not saying that this has to happen in Majik. Just saying that it
may happen, even if it happened in the real world or not.
Besides, Majik and real world are no way comparable to each other when
it comes to religions, beliefs and gods because in Majik gods are REAL
and they really do exist, unlike the real world where gods are nothing
more than imaginary beings in books and in people's heads.
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