Re: Monsters & Cataclysm (Reply to Hook)

Subject: Re: Monsters & Cataclysm (Reply to Hook)
From: Atte Koivula (
Date: Tue Nov 30 1999 - 09:51:17 EET

> I think we have different ideas about the word "monster". What I take
> your meaning as is organized, intelligent monsters. Like orcs and those
> naccrophiles or what ever their names are. Yes these would be effected.
> Orcs are PCs and necrophiles are to far away to really matter. 

The word "necrophile" means a person who is obsessed with having sex
with corpses, you mean "necrolyte" :) 

Let's unite our concepts, what most people, including most fantasy rpg
systems and all the older developers, mean by "monster" is a creature
that is "unnatural" and/or "evil". Examples are dragons, demons, the
undead etc. 

All the "natural", "non-evil" creatures such as all the animals found in
OUR world are "animals", be it carnivore or herbivore.

"Player races" are the intelligent creatures that can be played by
normal players.

And, finally, "NPCs" are computer-controlled members of a player race. 

/Atte "Yorkaturr" Koivula <>

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