Re: "small" problems with Sinister's proposal

Subject: Re: "small" problems with Sinister's proposal
From: Pekka Toppi (
Date: Tue Nov 30 1999 - 09:05:48 EET

On Mon, 29 Nov 1999, Kaoru Shalamberidze wrote:

> The version me and Yorka worked out with Mirithil wasnt it? had atleast
> these points :
> 1. the cataclysm was a result from mortals destroying themselfs
> 2. the events HAVE TO include gods, specially new gods, since at the
>    moment they smell trouble and see destruction coming they start to
>    cover up their asses and they start to fight for their own 
>    survivial. Since New gods created humanity and are dependent on
>    it, atleast to some degree. 
> 3. If the new gods are involved, then are the elders aswell, that is
>    if we want a cataclysm to happen :) Because if the elders do nothing
>    then new gods simply wipe out the wizards trying to destroy things.
 So, in this part the elder gods struggle against eachother, dazzt and
aluna fighting against yorka and other "evil" gods. "evil" gods being
little stronger (why?) they manage to prevent new gods from fighting
mortals. And if I remember correctly, the mortals were strong enough to
actually kill some lesser gods and demigods. 

> 4. There was a massive unbalance between new gods, lesser gods, demigods
>    etc.. Even few of them died in the wars/chaos/what ever
okay =)
> 5. The end result has to include some sort of amnesia effect to deal
>    with players not remembering a thing.
As some mail said, massive changes in the pattern meddled with people's
minds and memory.

> Okay then ideas from you, that we seem to agree on :
> 1. horsemen have to be included, its a good idea.
> 2. there was more than 1 group of wizards, perhaps more than 2
> 3. (this is actually part of our idea aswell but):
>    the cataclysm should include demons, holy spirits, other monsters
>    etc.. As i said in some of my cataclysm post "all the evil creatures in
>    the world came out of hiding because gods decided to do nothing" :)
> Yep.. lets work on these?
If we can finally work out a compromise....

Pekka Toppi/Mirithil

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