"small" problems with Sinister's proposal

Subject: "small" problems with Sinister's proposal
From: Kaoru Shalamberidze (ttikka@icon.fi)
Date: Mon Nov 29 1999 - 18:37:14 EET

The idea Sinister presented is almost 100% copy from Terry K. Amthor's
books. Corrent me if im wrong but wasnt this Sinister's idea in a

There is a good group of wizards, and a bad group of wizards, they test
their strenght against each other, this develops into a war, a portal is
opened and good beings emerge, after that bad beings emerge, with the
demons there comes one arch-demon a real bad-ass, destruction stops when
namhas interrupts everything.

Well in Terry K. Amthor's "kulteha" book these events happen :

There is a group of good wizards, And a group of bad wizards. They test
their stenght first without open war. A war brakes out. A portal is opened
and goods beings emerge, a portal is opened and bad beings emerge. With
the bad beings there comes one arch-demon a prince of unlife actually,
destruction and cataclysm follows.

The only difference is the namhas-thing that was said last. That is why i
said "almost 100% copy" because it isnt a full copy :)

To make it even more clear :

Sinister's idea			Terry Kevin Amthors book
1. There are good wizards		1. There are goods wizards
2. There are bad wizards		2. There ware bad wizards
3. They test their might		3. They test their might
4. Portal opens, good beings come	4. Portal opens, good beings come
5. Portal opens, bad beings come	5. Portal opens, bad beings come
6. Horseman of evil comes with them	6. Prince of unlife comes with'em
7. Destruction follows			7. Destruction follows
8. Namhas stops everything		8. Eventually the goodies win

Only point 8 varies in those 2 stories. This IS NOT an original idea in
any sense. If Sinister has never been reading Terry K:s work, then it only
ELEVATES my point that this really isnt an original idea. 

And besides we are in danger of violating copyrights if we would use that
idea as it is so.

how ever not all things in it are negative.

I think the idea as a whole is unusable, but some things from it are
usable. Like names. And i like the idea of the cataclysm involving the
horsemen of evil.

If you want to create a story that is almost 1 to 1 copy from Terry K
Amthors work, i dont think i could agree with you then.

This was the main reason why that post gave me the creeps, sorry that i
didnt say all of this earlier and Yorkaturr already had time to post some
counter attack posts :)


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