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Subject: Re: The Answer!!!?
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Date: Mon Nov 29 1999 - 17:57:04 EET

joshua 'hook' corning wrote:
> Atte Koivula wrote:
> > There is no problem, it is decided already.
> " is decided already." What ever. The world has changed so much in
> history and shape since I have joined the team that this statement is
> mute. As to the problems of the Cataclysm they are obvious and many and
> i shall list them below:

In general, we have information black-outs here. Some people decide
something which is done somehow and something is in contradiction
somehow etc. We should have a _clear_ system for deciding and informing
in order to avoid these black-outs. I just complained to Yorkaturr
earlier today about things because I simply was not informed about them.
I mean, this LIST does not get informed they way it should be.
Hopefully, this will change in the future.
> - What is the cataclysms nature? Remarkably this has not been mentioned
> in any of the descs proposed. All I've seen is a map made by McDuff.

Well, I hope it is explained well enough in my proposal, but since I do
not know does it fit Majik or not, I can not comment any more.
> - How do we destroy civilizations without effecting nature? We need
> natural resources so the players can rebuild.

This had explanation in my proposal, too.
> - Why do players not remember anything? As Beregar has pointed out PCs
> will not, in a very real sense, know anything when they start the game.

As well as this >,)
> - How will the current descs we have made be effected? This is still not
> known because the nature of the cataclysm has still not been described.

Well, I did describe it now, but like I said, no information does it fit
Majik or not.
Mandor seems to object my ideas totally, so...
> - Why did the cataclysm effect some races and species (i.e. player
> species) and not other NPC species?

This was explained also.
> - Everyone remembers. The desc created completely ignores this problem.
> Why don't the players remember anything?

Also explained.
> - You have to get every race and species and culture agreeing upon
> worshiping a new god. WHY the hell would fanatical religious groups like
> the Tore'e the Brahjians, the dwarves, the Hilosyph and the Althainions
> just give up their worship of their beloved gods for some dumb ass
> wizards? And then to join with their sometimes sworn enemies or complete
> strangers to a path which the gods have warned leads to destruction?

I guess this was explained by someone else.
> - The nature of the cataclysm is still vague. What the hell is all that
> crap mandor wrote anyway? It tells nothing of what the cataclysm is. How
> can designers write anything describing the world if we don't know if it
> will be crater latter on when someone else gets around to describing
> what the cataclysm actually is?

Well, Mandor has "blank" ideas for everything and he will not share his
thoughts with us because he is too busy to stop me from writing my ideas
> - The gods are involved. Once again the gods have intervened and
> destroyed the world. This is getting old. We are a hairs width away from
> a desc that says "bear takes shit in woods gods intervene to prevent
> catastrophe but let it happen any way because bear really needs to go.
> So world is destroyed". Right now in the history of the majik world I
> can count four craters on the map and 3 explosive type cataclysms that
> have occurred. This is getting old there are three other Horsemen of
> Apocalypse why don't we use a different one besides war. my proposal, gods did not destroy. Actually, Namhas stopped
further destruction which could not have been avoidd because the demon
Decay. And reason why Namhas entered the "game" was that this demon was
seriosly breaking the balance and other gods were not allowed to
intervene with the world.
> This is why I have proposed the "Answer!!?" to the cataclysm. It does
> not cause the specific problems listed above and solves the general
> ones. Perhaps it does cause problems that i do not see. It would be nice
> if someone commented on it instead of shrugging it off like Yorkaturr
> has.

I hope my ideas answer your questions. I will reply to other mails
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