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Tommi Leino wrote:
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> Hi,
> I'm not subscribed in any of the mailing lists, so I'm writing directly
> to you. (it would be great if you could forward that mail)
> It's about the flat shape of the world.
> I thought that it would be great to have a torus (i.e. the shape e.g. of
> a car tyre or an o-ring (if there's such a thing in English)) shaped
> world. The people would live on the inside of the torus.

This is straight from Larry Niven's SciFi novel "Ringworld". I like this
idea but i don't know if we want to "nick" (I love McDuff :)) it from
such an obvious source. Its a really good book and I recommend all of
you to read it. Christian did mention something about stars that they
would be cities on the other side of the ring. This would be weird
becouse stars would only be along the band of the ring so if the ring
circled from north to south the the sky of the east and west would be
black. Plus they would be fixed in the sky. Not moving up from the
horizen as the night progresses. Also you need a reason why it gets dark
at all. Presumably the sun would be in the center of the ring therefor
the inside would always be bathed in sun light. Also the sun would never
set if it is daylight then it would be propetually noon.

Also i don't know how you would work the moons.

Joshua 'hook' Corning

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