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Date: Fri Nov 26 1999 - 16:50:28 EET

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I'm not subscribed in any of the mailing lists, so I'm writing directly
to you. (it would be great if you could forward that mail)

It's about the flat shape of the world.

I thought that it would be great to have a torus (i.e. the shape e.g. of
a car tyre or an o-ring (if there's such a thing in English)) shaped
world. The people would live on the inside of the torus.

Advantages would be:
- a finite area for the world (like a sphere), so a traveler could
  start walking in one direction and would reach that point again
  after some time. 
- a totally new shape that wasn't used anywhere before AFAIK
- the stars get an simple explanation: they are the lights of distant
- the sun is 'floating' in the middle of the torus as gravity would
  act there from all sides equally.
- if the land gets too small you could have a few dwarf who've
  'accidentally' reached the outside of the torus during mining for
  even more gold...

The torus would be big enough that you won't see any other part of it
directly (like on the real earth)

I think the best argument for a torus world would be its uniqueness.


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